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Common Page and Site Customization Tasks (MOSS 2007)

November 29th, 2006 by Tobias Zimmergren

Check this MSDN site/article out. Summarizes alot of information about customizing your pages and sites :)

These topics are covered:
How to: Customize Navigation
How to: Create a Minimal Master Page
How to: Customize Page Editing Toolbar Components
How to: Add a Button to the HTML Editor Field Control
How to: Customize the HTML Editor Field Control
How to: Customize the Asset Picker
How to: Customize Styles
How to: Customize the Content Query Web Part by using Custom Properties
How to: Display Custom Fields in a Content Query Web Part
How to: Create a Custom Field Control (Movie Control)


MOSS 2007: Search and Indexing

November 16th, 2006 by Tobias Zimmergren

In this post I will show you how to configure search by creating a content source that should be indexed and a search scope to limit the results when searcing. I will also show you how to customize the Search Center and adding a tab with a custom search and search results page.

I will walk you though how to set up searchscopes and content sources (such as fileshares).

We will begin by creating a content source and a search scope This will presume that youve got a network share with files and folders, e.g. the share whateversomeShare mapped against Z: on your local system.

1. Open SharePoint Central Administration and the Shared Services Provider admin site.
2. Open the Search Settings page
3. Choose the Content Sources link in the Crawl Settings section.
4. Choose New Content Source in the toolbar menu
5. Enter a name (I used "Demo Documents")
6. Choose File Shares as Content Source Type
7. Enter the start address (e.g. whateversomeShare)
8. Choose if it should include all subfolders or not under Crawl Settings
9. Set a schedule of your preference and choose to start the crawl if you want, then click OK
10. It should now look something similar to this image:

Screendump (Image broken due to crash )


Now you need to start the crawl, if you didn’t do so when creating the content source

Creating a scope to narrow down the search results to only file shares
1. Navigate to Site Settings
2. Click on View Scopes in the Scope Settings section
3. Click Create New Scope in the toolbar and enter e.g. "File Shares" as the name and click OK
4. Note that the "Items" column states "Empty".
5. Click on the name (File Shares) to navigate to the Scope Properties and Rules page
6. Select "Empty > Add rules"
7. Select "Demo Documents" in the Content Scope and press OK to create the rule.
8. Now note that it says "New Scope – Ready after the next update (starts in n minutes)." To avoid this waitint time, go back to the Search Settings and click "Start Update Now" under the Scopes section.
9. Click the Site Settings menu at the top right of this site collection and choose Search scopes
10. Click the "Search Dropdown" display group and then check the "File Shares" scope and click OK.
11. Go to the Search Center to validate that the scope actually works and shows in the drop down