About Tobias


An energetic, focused and business-minded guy with a lot of experience in the Microsoft product stack. Currently I’m heavily involved in developing SharePoint and Office 365 business solutions where focus is on high-quality and long-lasting solutions and partnerships.

I work primarily with Microsoft products and technologies in a wide range of roles. Ranging from developer, lead developer and solution architect to scrum master and project adviser I have gained a lot of experience related to the businesses and technologies I love.

What have I done recently?

I’m the founder of TOZIT AB, a consultancy in Sweden focusing on SharePoint, Office 365 and .NET technologies.

I’m the founder of SharePoint Discussions, a product that enhances the discussion- and forum experience in SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.

I’m the founder of Pointbird, a product suite that enhances your SharePoint 2010 and 2013 portals.

I’m the co-founder of Sweden SharePoint User Group, where I helped start up and run the Stockholm region and started up and am running the Skåne-region (Malmö/Lund).

For six years consecutively I’ve been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP award for my rigorous involvement in the SharePoint Community.

Tobias Zimmergren
Consultant & Advisor at TOZIT AB
Helsingborg, Sweden | Computer Software
Me and Tobias were colleagues a couple of years ago, and to work with him was very fun and inspiring. His passion for learning new things is an inspiration and he also likes to share his knowledge with others (which also made him an MVP). Tobias has a special drive, which he also has proved by creating his own company Tozit, at such a young age, and make it a successful company.
He is a really good teacher/speaker and he adds his sense of humor into a training session which makes it very enjoyable. One thing that I learned about Tobias when we worked together and met customers, was that they gained a lot of confidence for him because of his skills and nice personality.
And he is a man of many talents, for instance a skilled musician. He brings the guitar and entertain you at a party with his own
written songs or any popular song out there.
I have one word to summarize Tobias and that is: Awesome! (To use his own favorite expression).
I had the pleasure of working with Tobias for about two years when he helped us with our SharePoint installation. Tobias possesses the rare combination of being both extremely knowledgeable and an expert within his field, with being very sociable and open to share that knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend Tobias to anyone who needs a boost in their SharePoint project.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Tobias. Key words for me are competence, quality and trust and those words are so true when in comes to Tobias. Tobias is also social and caring. I have met with Tobias in various settings, having been responsible both for MVPs in Sweden as well as Microsoft TechDays, and I give him full support.
Working with Tobias over the last 24 months has provided me with great insight of his dedication to ensuring client satisfaction while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Due to his vast knowledge of SharePoint and the organizational needs associated with a SharePoint implementation I would highly recommend Tobias to anyone needing help with their SharePoint environment.
At Informator I hire Tobias as instructor for our Sharepoint Development course and he is always delivering with great results. Our customers are very pleased with Tobias as instructor and I am very pleased with him as instructor but also as a great source for news and facts from the Sharepoint community.
Mister Awesome himself.
I have worked with Zimmergren during several years on and off in different constellations such as team-member and business partner.
During these years I have observed his fast paced progress from a junior SharePoint developer to a five star SharePoint MVP running his own business.
Zimmergren is a skilled SharePoint specialist and an entrepreneur with a very high working ethic.
I give him my best recommendations and one more thing. He is funny to.
Tobias is becoming one of the best expert in Microsoft Sharepoint technology in Sweden.
As a provider of education, I've personally been in touch with Tobias on many different projects and he has always delivered top quality learning in his areas of expertese!
Tobias is always very helpful and professional, and he´s fun to talk to.
Tobias is a energetic professional who is passionate to business and has many answers in how to realize those with technology. Furthermore is he a talented consultant and trainer, that I appreciate working with.
Tobias is an devoted and skilled programmer. He is eager to learn and fun to work with.
Tobias is contracted by Netcompany as SharePoint lead developer on a very large (20+ members) business intelligence project built on SharePoint 2010 Enterprise and SQL Server 2008. Tobias' skills on the SharePoint platform are at the very highest level - perhaps the strongest I've seen in my career. Tobias always delivers on time (or faster) with great quality. Tobias has a unique ability to understand the business as well as using the technology stack to meet the needs of the business. Tobias is foresighted and is able to accurately estimate how components are optimally programmed, according to minimizing development- and maintenance costs after the solution goes into production. I give Tobias my highest recommendations for any role on any SharePoint project.
I worked with Tobias for a couple of years and I was really impressed with his ability to find solutions to complex problems and his programming skills. He is devoted to customer satisfaction and shows exceptional entrepreneurship. His knowledge related to SharePoint is second to none.
I am happy to give him my very best recommendations and hope that I will have the opportunity to join him in future projects.
Tobias is a very perceptive consultant and entrepreneur with an excellent understanding of technology and business value. But most of all I value Tobias' integrity which makes him a fine colleague and a reliable business partner.
Tobias is customer-oriented and focus on giving top service and advice to his clients.
With his deep knowledge and technical skills he has earned a reputation of being professional, friendly and a problem solver.
I can most highly recomend Tobias as he has a great deep knowledge in SharePoint as well as he is easy to work with and take great responsibility. I have used his expertise for more than 5 years and can honestly relay on delivery on time and with great quality. I have heard same stories from other business colleagues in our community around the world.
Tobias is a world class SharePoint expert, together with his outstandingly professional attitude and passion for technology he is an invaluable asset to anybody who works with him. I strongly recommend him to whoever is deciding to hire him, make him part of his team or use his services.
Tobias is a very enthusiastic, goal-oriented and industrious developer and teacher with a great communication and organization skills. All this combined with an outstanding talent always exceeds the expected result. At no doubts I'd recommend Tobias to any company as one of the best Sharepoint developers I know.”
Tobias always talk about things that awesome. Therefore I can't think of a more fitting way to describe the experience I have from working with him. Awesomeness!

Tobias is a highly dedicated professional. He was very knowledgable during our days together at Cybercom and his competence has grown at an impressive rate since then.

I gladly recommend Tobias to anyone who consideres hiring him as a SharePoint Developer/Architect.
Tobias is a great ambassador for SharePoint in Sweden. Not only does he stay up to date himself but he also spreads his knowledge through the SharePoint user community.
Tobias is an excellent SharePoint advocate. Through his blog and community engagement he helps building great understanding of SharePoint development. Awesome is the correct phrase to use here!
We hired Tobias for an in-house SharePoint developer training session at Stratiteq. Tobias combines a great personality with very broad knowledge of the SharePoint product stack. Positive, energetic and knowledgeable. I can highly recommend Tobias for any training and consultancy jobs in the SharePoint space.
I have had Tobias in two courses in SharePoint and he is both personal but at the same time greatly skilled.
Tobias is a true expert in his field. I've spoken with Tobias at SharePoint Conferences in Berlin, Sweden, among others. He is an excellent instructor, speaker and consultant. I would recommend him to my friends any time. He shows an extreme professionalism and handle on the technology that sets him apart.
I had the pleasure of working with Tobias since our companies was at the same floor. We shared development experiences and Tobias proved a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the SharePoint platform. He is easy and fun to work with and full of ideas. He's also proving he likes to share his experiences through his blog and participation in the Swedish SharePoint Community.
Tobias has a focus on exceptional quality in any given environment. He masters his engagements with superior evaluations by the people who attend his courses.
Tobias Zimmergren is one of these rare persons that can combine high expertise with social skills! He is one of the smartest developers I have met, especially in the SharePoint area. Tobias is also a great trainer and a really nice and friendly person. It comes as no surprise that he was awarded Sweden's first SharePoint Service MVP status.

If you are looking for a SharePoint expert developer, or a really good trainer, then Tobias is the right man for you!
Tobias is a brilliant developer with a passion to create the best solution for you, which is generally the best solution out there as well. Working with his products has been a pleasure, I enjoyed hearing him speak at communnity events. If you're looking for a consultant with Passion and Follow Through, Tobais is your guy.
During the time I have spent with Tobias, in and outside the classroom and as a consultant I have learned that he is a very professional, focused and detailed-oriented person. Tobias finds clever solutions to complex problems and would not hesitate to recomend Tobias to any large or small SharePoint project.
I had Tobias as a course instructor in a SharePoint development course at Informator. Tobias showed great skills and in depth knowledge within SharePoint and SharePoint development. His In depth skills and fun personality created a great week with both fun moments and a lot of new knowledge.