29NOV 2013

So today we launched Pointbird.com, let’s celebrate!

Posted by Tobias Zimmergren


The last few weeks and months I’ve been busy setting up the foundation for a new set of products we’re developing. We call them Pointbird. The story behind the name is a tale for another time.

Simple but powerful plugins, products and solutions for SharePoint and other services – that’s what we’re currently building. We’ve also simplified licensing so that all our customers can easily understand our model and implement our solutions without any trouble! Easy as 1-2-3.



We’ve got a set of products lined up in our respositories that are in testing and conceptual phases. However we’ve already launched a few products that we’ve experienced as the most popular requirements from our customers in the projects I’ve been involved in the last few years. Nobody had found a solution for these common problems, so I drew some sketches and then we started creating them. Some are small, others more complex – but they all offer value to our clients and that’s the most important thing for me.

Pointbird Short Url

So the Short Url product, as the name implies, is a product that can shorten url’s of items in SharePoint lists and libraries.

It’s pretty slick and for the user it’s just a matter of clicking one link in the ECB menu:

We’ve actually already implemented this solution at a few clients, and today as soon as we launched we had a few copies sold during the first few hours. Wohoo!

Pointbird Zip Saver

A common request from a lot of my clients I’ve been working with is to be able to select specific files from a library and then just download them all, including folders. Requirements were simple and very clear, so that’s exactly what we implemented – a “Zip Saver” solution that can download multiple files at once, including folders, and presents them nicely in a zip-file. The zip-file contains the exact same structure as your library that you chose to download. Neat! Very neat!

The Pointbird Zip Saver is a rather popular demand and we’ve implemented this in a few organizations already as well.

Pointbird Notify

A very simlpe yet smooth solution for displaying ad-hoc messages to your users in your various sites and site collections. A popular request is to instead of using a portal start page news list or announcement list, to be able to push out messages to your users in a more persistent and focused way. With the Pointbird Notify solution you can simply create a new list item in a special list containing announcements, and it will automatically display it for your users with the settings you specify. Awesome.


That’s it. No more marketing – we’re done for now. Hope you enjoy it :-)

  • Vipul

    congratz to a beautiful web site and a nice launched brand. we just tested out the “Pointbird Short Url” product and also think it is pretty good. we sent a request to the support for possibilities to help with custom css and styles in oru environments. congratulation on the products and hope you see me in las vegas!!!

    • http://www.zimmergren.net/ Tobias Zimmergren

      Hi Vipul,

      Thank you. We’re happy to have the products out the door; More to come soon :-)
      We’ve seen and responded to the support request.


  • Stefan Bauer

    Hi Tobias,

    great tools and nice design. Congratulation!!!


    • http://www.zimmergren.net/ Tobias Zimmergren

      Thank you Stefan,

  • Matthias Einig

    Congrats mate! Rock the world! :)

    • http://www.zimmergren.net/ Tobias Zimmergren

      Thank you Matthias. Rockin’

  • JonasBrother

    Kudos on the Pointbird stuff! We’re using two of them (Short Url & Notify) with our current clients and it works very well. We have to upgrade to 2013 soon and already tried running the existing version in 2013 and it works but with some tweaks. Can’t wait until the release of the 2013 versions so we can download them too and try. Keep up the good work tobias.

    • http://www.zimmergren.net/ Tobias Zimmergren

      Thank you JonasBrother. Glad you’re using the products ;-)
      2013 editions will be released soon, ping me if you want a beta.