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Sweden SharePoint User Group – March 14th, Malmö

February 21st, 2013 by Tobias Zimmergren


The Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) have planned a new meeting in Malmö, taking place on March 14th in central Malmö.

In order to show up you need to register for the event (

Event Details

It’s time for the next awesome Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) event in Malmö – We’re all excited about the new and shiny SharePoint 2013, so the topics for this night will obviously rhyme well with those lines:

17:30 – Mingle & Beer

18:00 – Welcome to SSUG (Tobias Zimmergren)

18:05 – Welcome to Bouvet (Mathias Hansson, Bouvet)

18:10 – Session 1:
How can we design environments and tools that support knowledge sharing and innovation in organizations?
- What are the most effective and efficient ways of sharing knowledge in organizations working with complex tasks
- How can SharePoint be implemented in order to support knowledge sharing
- Examples from kongsberg Group, Statnett and Bouvet
Speaker: Åsmund Mæhle, Bouvet

18:45 – Break: Food & Beer

19:00 – Session 2:
Connecting the Enterprise around SharePoint 2013
Search Based Applications is one of the many buzzwords used when talking about the new SP2013 platform – but how can it be done? Steen will showcase how to integrate data & documents from LOB systems, file shares and Office 365 into SP2013. Providing the user with context based relevant and up to date business critical information from across the enterprise, is key to building Search Based Applications. Highlights in the presentation include:
- Bi-directional integration between all SharePoint versions, file shares and databases
- Intelligent rules driven meta data transformation and enrichment
- Ability to look-up meta data in-flight from external databases – Build integration jobs , schedule and run them in batch
Speaker: Steen Jakobsen, Surfray

For any questions regarding this meeting, please contact Tobias Zimmergren,

See you there – awesome!

Please note that you are required to register for the event in order to be allowed in. In case we have more signups than the capacity of the facilities, you will be put on a waiting list – this also means that if you sign up and doesn’t show up without cancelling your registration we may have to allow someone else your seat at the next event to be fair to everyone.

Sign up here:


Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren

Microsoft MVP

This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in SharePoint Server technical communities during the past year.

It’s with great joy that I – for the fifth time – can announce that I’ve been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for SharePoint Server.

Thank you Microsoft and thank you to the global SharePoint community which is growing stronger, bigger and better every day.



Thank you Microsoft. Thank you Microsoft MVP’s and thank you to the global SharePoint community.


Sweden SharePoint User Group – October 4th, 2012 – Malmö

September 12th, 2012 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


It’s that time again – time for yet another SSUG (Sweden SharePoint User Group) meeting in Malmö.

This time we’ll be kicking it off at Connecta’s offices in Malmö.


  • 17:30 – 18:00: Mingle and meetup
  • 18:00 : Tobias Zimmergren (TOZIT AB) introduces SSUG and kicks the meeting off
  • 18:05 : Carl-Johan Tiréus (Connecta) welcomes us to Connecta
  • 18:15 : One year with SharePoint – Alfa Laval presents their experiences and lessons learned from introducing SharePoint in their organization
  • 19:00 : Food & Beer!
  • 19:15 : Wictor Wilén (Connecta) talks about the most important news in SharePoint 2013
  • 20:00 : The End. Who’s up for a SharePint?


This event is sponsored by Connecta, so the event will take place in their offices in Malmö.

Street: Djäknegatan 16, Malmö.


In order to attend any of our events, you’ll need to register.

Either visit and select the event you’d like to register for – or simply go straight to the event signup here:


You’re always welcome to contact me for any questions you have about SSUG or this specific event. Use the contact form here in the blog.

Be awesome. Stay awesome.


Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


As many of you know, customizing a form for a SharePoint list isn’t very tricky to do – but when it comes to modifying the forms for an External List it becomes a bit more of a challenge. In this article I will walk you through how the BCS (Business Connectivity Services) model can enable you to modify the New- and Editforms by creating and utilizing your own Custom Field Controls and I will also talk about how you can change the behavior and rendering of your DisplayForm using jQuery.

Related articles about BCS that may be worthwhile:


So let’s pose that our scenario is that we’ve got a a source of data coming in through BCS and is represented like it’s always represented out of the box with BCS. What we would like to do is to customize the New- and EditForms to allow custom logic and we would also like to change how the DispForm behaves.

In this sample we’ve got a very simplistic BCS model containing one entity with these properties:

  • Identifier (string)
  • Color (string)
  • Published (boolean)

    In SharePoint, our model is represented like this in the out of the box UI:

    Display Form New- and Edit Forms
    ScreenShot1530 image

    What we really want to achieve in this article is to manipulate the behavior of our Display- and New/Edit forms to look something like this:

    Display Form
    Published: Icon instead of Yes/No text.
    Color: Lit up with the selected color in the UI.
    New- and Edit Forms
    Color: Replaced with a custom field control
    image image

    As you can see in the last two images above, the result of our development is that we’ll be using a custom control (DropDown) instead of the standard TextBox for our Color-field, and we’ll change the way the Published-field looks in the Display Form. It should give you an idea of how you can customize and alter the behavior of your BCS External List Forms.

    So without further ado, let’s get started with modifying our forms!

    (I assume that you already have a BCS Model in place and will not iterate the steps for creating one here…)

    Modifying New/Edit forms: Custom Field Control to the rescue

    When it comes to the BCS Model, you should really always edit it through the XML and not through the Visual Studio UI. Start by right-clicking your BCS Model and selecting the "Open With…" alternative:

    Then choose your favorite XML editor:

    When you’re in this mode, you obviously have to be careful not to mistype or misspell anything as it can result in a broken BCS Model. Awesome :-)

    To cut it short, here’s an extract for the "Creating" Method, which references a Custom Field Control called ColorField:

                <Method Name="Create">
                    <Parameter Name="returnEntity1" Direction="Return">
                      <TypeDescriptor Name="ReturnEntity1" TypeName="TOZIT.Samples.BCSExtensions.BdcModel1.Entity1, BdcModel1">
                          <TypeDescriptor Name="Identifier1" IdentifierName="Identifier1" TypeName="System.String" />
                          <TypeDescriptor Name="Published" IsCollection="false" TypeName="System.Boolean" />
                          <TypeDescriptor Name="Color" TypeName="System.String">
                              <Property Name="SPCustomFieldType" Type="System.String">ColorField</Property>
                    <Parameter Name="newEntity1" Direction="In">
                      <TypeDescriptor Name="NewEntity1" TypeName="TOZIT.Samples.BCSExtensions.BdcModel1.Entity1, BdcModel1">
                          <TypeDescriptor Name="Identifier1" IdentifierName="Identifier1" TypeName="System.String" CreatorField="true" />
                          <TypeDescriptor Name="Published" IsCollection="false" TypeName="System.Boolean" CreatorField="true" />
                          <TypeDescriptor Name="Color" TypeName="System.String" CreatorField="true">
                              <Property Name="SPCustomFieldType" Type="System.String">ColorField</Property>
                    <MethodInstance Name="Create" Type="Creator" ReturnParameterName="returnEntity1" ReturnTypeDescriptorPath="ReturnEntity1" />

    As you can see above I’ve referenced a property called "SPCustomFieldType" in the code (Read more on BCS Custom Properties), which in turn is referencing something called "ColorField". The ColorField is my CustomField control that is simply a DropDown-box to be represented in the UI instead of the good’ol text box.

    Modifying Display Forms: jQuery to the rescue

    When it comes to modifying the DispForm of the External List, I’ve had several attempts with the documented RendererDefinition in the past and not one single time it worked for me nor any of my clients. So with that experience, I’ve resorted to using jQuery to modify the rendition of the Display Form. Obviously one could use jQuery for the New- and Edit Forms as well, if you want to.

    Short story, the jQuery looks like this:

    // Found this through google, but can't remember the source. 
    // Great script for string replacements!
    String.prototype.replaceAll = function (str1, str2, ignore) {
        return this.replace(new RegExp(str1.replace(/([\/\,\!\\\^\$\{\}\[\]\(\)\.\*\+\?\|\<\>\-\&])/g, "\\$&"), (ignore ? "gi" : "g")), (typeof (str2) == "string") ? str2.replace(/\$/g, "$$$$") : str2);
    $(document).ready(function () 
        // Render an icon instead of Yes/No text
        var publishedHtml = $('"Published")').closest('tr').children(".ms-formbody").html().toString();
        publishedHtml = publishedHtml.replaceAll("Yes", "<img src='/_layouts/images/TOZIT.Samples.BCSExtensions/checked.png' />");
        publishedHtml = publishedHtml.replaceAll("No", "<img src='/_layouts/images/TOZIT.Samples.BCSExtensions/unchecked.png' />");
        // Render the entire TD in the color that was chosen
        var colorHtml = $('"Color")').closest('tr').children(".ms-formbody").html().toString();
        var colorHtmlTd = $('"Color")').closest('tr').children(".ms-formbody").attr("style", "background-color:" + colorHtml + ";");

    Essentially what this jQuery snippet does is that it will find the correct elements in the HTML markup that corresponds to my Fields (you see the :contains("Published") part? That’s where I find the Published-field in the markup). Then I simply alter the text that is sent to us from the server, replacing "Yes/No" with an image of a checked or unchecked checkbox. Pretty simple trick to light up the form a bit without the hassle of trying to get your RendererDefinition working…

    Tip: If you want to easily inject your jQuery to the External List Forms, I’d recommend using a DelegateControl override on the AdditionalPageHead. The code for my AdditionalPageHead DelegateControl looks something like this:

            protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
                string httpRequestUrlString = HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.AbsoluteUri;
                // Note: You should create a smarter verification for when to load the scripts than to use a hardcoded value like I've done in this sample. 
                if ((httpRequestUrlString.Contains("/Lists/Sample Entity/") || httpRequestUrlString.Contains("/Lists/Sample%20Entity/")) && httpRequestUrlString.Contains("DispForm.aspx")) // Only render scripts if it's the Display Form on the Sample Entity list
                    // Add a reference to jQuery if it isn't already loaded
                    ScriptLink.Register(this.Page, "/_layouts/TOZIT.Samples.BCSExtensions/Scripts/jquery-1.7.2.min.js", false);
                    ScriptLink.Register(this.Page, "/_layouts/TOZIT.Samples.BCSExtensions/Scripts/bcsDisplayFormScriptSample.js", false);

    The code snippet above simply checks the current request and determines whether it’s your specific list being loaded, and then also determine if it’s the DispForm.aspx file being served. As noted in the comments, you should modify this if-statement to suit your needs, should you decide to create a DelegateControl like this.


    Working with BCS is both fun and challenging at the same time. Like most SharePoint projects your requirements always change, and there’s always a need for further investigating the possibilities for how we can deliver quality solutions. In this article I’ve talked about some tips for how you can modify the NewForm and EditForm of your BCS External List by simply using a Custom Field Control. I’ve also talked about how you can deliver customized forms using jQuery as in the DispForm sample above.

    As a final note I’d like to shout out to Scot Hillier who is a fellow SharePoint MVP and author of the Professional Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010 book for valuable tips and awesome discussions regarding this topic.

  • Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    As I’ve talked about before, I’m putting some energy into organizing the Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) in the Skåne region. Yesterday we had our very first meeting (well, actually our second but the first one was about 4 years ago).

    We had the pleasure to meet for food, drinks and sessions at Stretch Öresund AB where I had invited Carsten Keutmann (MVP) as a speaker, talking about the Model-View-Presenter pattern for SharePoint developers. Daniel Terborn from Stretch talked about Duet Enterprise and how SAP and SharePoint can be bridged together using Duet.

    What went down

    We had a pretty nice attendee-count and I’m hoping we can grow this awesome group as time progresses. We landed on around 35-40 people showing up for this first meeting:

    Carsten Keutmann talked about Model-View-Presenter patterns when you create Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 development projects:

    Daniel Terborn talked about Duet Enterprise:

    What’s next

    We’ll be planning a next meeting soon. Either we’ll have the meeting pre-summer or post-summer. Speakers and session-suggestions welcome, as always!

    See you next time.

    Sweden SharePoint User Group – Malmö, May 2nd

    April 20th, 2012 by Tobias Zimmergren

    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    The Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) is finally kicking off in Malmö again after a long wait. My hope is that we can organize a meeting in Malmö every other month together with a bunch of awesome people in the region. It’s the perfect opportunity if you want to broaden your network and get to know more fellow SharePoint-folks in the region.

    SSUG Malmö Meeting, May 2 – Details

    This time we’re honored to be sponsored by Stretch Öresund AB who will sponsor with snacks, drinks and office space during the evening.


    • 17:30 – 18:00: Meetup and mingle at Stretch Öresund AB.
    • 18:00 – 18:15: Tobias Zimmergren introduces SSUG and Stretch will present their company.
    • 18:15 – 18:45: Carsten Keutman (Creator of WSPBuilder and SharePoint Manager) will talk about developing SharePoint-projects using the MVP-pattern (Model View Presenter)
    • 18:45 – 19:00: Paus! Snacks, beer and mingle!
    • 19:00 – 19:45: Increased productivity with Duet Enterprise. Daniel Terborn from Stretch talks about how SAP and SharePoint can play an important role with Duet Enterprise.


    The Stretch-office is located at "Stora Nygatan 61"

    (Google Map:,Malmö )

    Sign up / Register

    You will need to register your attendance for the event, and this can be done by visiting this EventBrite link: 

    Questions about the event?

    Do you have any questions or comments about the event or SSUG? Contact Tobias Zimmergren and he’ll assist.



    Tobias Zimmergren,
    Sweden SharePoint User Group.

    Sweden SharePoint User Group – Malmö / Stockholm

    January 30th, 2012 by Tobias Zimmergren


    The Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) is a non-profit organization where we continuously  provide meet-ups and presentations about SharePoint in Sweden.
    There’s no doubt that everyone’s been very busy the last year and things aren’t about to change now. As we head deeper into 2012 I’m sure we’ll have plenty of awesome SharePoint-related meetings and conferences to attend!

    The group started in Stockholm several years ago when Me (Tobias Zimmergren), Göran Husman, Wictor Wilén and Daniel Bugday decided to join our forces and provide a common ground for people in Sweden that are interested in SharePoint.

    We’ve conducted several meetings in Stockholm, a few meetings in Gothenburg and unfortunately only one meeting in Malmö. Things are about to change!

    With our new establishment of TOZIT AB in the region, I’ve decided to shorten down the long trips I’ve previously had and focus my attention to this region (Öresundsregionen – Helsingborg/Lund/Malmoe/Copenhagen etc.) – this means more time for the SSUG (Sweden SharePoint User Group) in Malmö as well.

    Upcoming Event – Malmö

    During late February or early March we’ll have our first meeting since 2008, when myself and Carsten Keutmann did presentations on SharePoint Online and WSPBuilder.

    Agenda: TBD

    Location: Malmö

    Date & Time: During March

    Upcoming Event – Stockholm

    Update: The details for the SSUG Event in Stockholm have been published, and you can sign up and read more here:


    • Mattias Karlsson, Microsoft: Talks about Microsoft PFE
      How does the Microsoft support work? What does a PFE do?
    • Wictor Wilén, Connecta: Talks about the MCM and MCA Programs
      What are the Microsoft Certified Masters and Certified Architect programs? 
    • Session 3: To Be Decided

    Location: Microsoft HQ, Akalla (Stockholm)

    Date & Time: March 15th, 18:00 CET

    Sign up here:

    Sponsors and Speakers

    The routines for our meetings is that we’ve got a sponsor to host the meeting (provide meeting rooms, projectors and food/beverages) and we’ve had one or more speakers during an evening.

    We’re currently looking for:

    • Meeting Sponsors: Where you provide your offices or conference rooms for our meetings
    • Speakers: Where you talk about whatever interests you in SharePoint. Here’s some of the popular focus areas we’ve had speakers talk about before:
      • Focus: Development
      • Focus: Architecture
      • Focus: End User Adoption
      • Focus: No-Code Solutions
      • Focus: Marketing
      • Focus: Show Cases / How-We-Did-It

    See you soon at a local SSUG meeting!


    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    A while back an announcement was made that had been made available for general testing. Various bloggers at Microsoft put an invitation token in their MSDN blogs so everyone can have a go at it.

    In this article series we’ll take a very quick look at what the hosted TFS solution by Microsoft looks like.

    Articles currently in the series:

    What we need to know before getting started…

    Firstly you’ll need to get an invitation token from someone who already have an account on and then you’re good to go. In this post I’ll assume that you’ve got that already.

    Sign in to the TFSpreview account you just acquired:


    This should give you access to the Team Foundation Service Preview console:


    From here you have a few options for proceeding:

    • Create a team project – The first step to create a new TFS site and project
    • Download software – You’ll want to visit this link so you can download the required software for connecting from VS 2010, if you haven’t already.

    To guide you through the process of getting up and running, I’ll create a new project and call it "TOZIT AB Project 42" so you can follow the sample this article through.

    Getting Started – Step by step

    Right, so you’ve got your account set up and want to create a project. Follow along and I’ll take you through the entire process. Hang on.

    Click "Create a team project":


    Next you’ll get a dialog telling you the progress of setting the new project up:


    When this is done you can navigate directly to the project or click close. I pressed close and made sure I could see the team project in my project list when I press "Browse all…":


    Simply click on the "Navigate" button to navigate to the project and you should see your team project dashboard, similar to this:


    What you get here is the intro to your Project. You can see in the top menu that you’ve got options for these things:

    • Home (This is what you see above)
    • Work
    • Source
    • Build


    As depicted in the screenshot above, this is the welcome screen of the currently selected project. From here you can control your Product Backlog, Product Backlog Items, Sprints, Work Items and so on. Think of this as your online control panel for the Scrum project. Pretty neat, if you ask me.


    Under the "backlog" tab:


    You’ll get a more detailed overview over you current situation in the project including the Product Backlog, Sprints and Work Items with an overview as well as detailed information about each item you select. From here you can control, create and modify your current project quite easily from the Web Browser.

    For example, you can create a new PBI (Product Backlog Item) from here:


    and it’ll immediately appear in the list below, and you can start working with it:


    I’m obviously not going to walk you through each and every button on these pages, that’s for you yourself to try out, but this should give you an overview and idea of what’s available.

    Under the "board" tab, you can easily get a really awesome overview of your current status in the project with all your Product Backlog Items in the selected sprint. You can easily drag and drop these items from one to the other section:

    (Pretty awesome…)

    Of course you can edit everything from the browser UI here as well:


    Under the "work items" tab you can get a more familiar overview of the current work items, and even create you own queries in the section to the left – much like you would do from Visual Studio otherwise:



    Under the Source tab you can see (perhaps one of the most important things) the source code of your project including the history, changesets, shelvesets and so on:



    An overview of your current build configurations. In this post I haven’t set up any build configurations yet, but keep your eyes out for that soon enough.



    This was intended to be a short introduction of what capabilities and features you’ll see in the hosted Team Foundation Services 2010 hosted service. More on this subject to follow!


    New blog design launched

    December 27th, 2011 by Tobias Zimmergren

    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    A new blog platform means…

    I finally migrated from WSS 3.0 as a blogging platform to WordPress. Obviously WordPress contains tons of awesome utilities and functions for SEO and general blogging tasks. The SharePoint platform was pretty descent to have the blog hosted on, but in reality it doesn’t beat WordPress when it comes to just the blogging.

    This also means I’ve got a new RSS Feed Url ( I’m looking forward to posting some more awesome content during 2012.

    SUGUK Meeting along with the Golf Day in August

    July 14th, 2011 by Tobias Zimmergren

    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    Once a year in the UK, the SUGUK (SharePoint User Group UK) organizes a SharePoint Golf Day and a User Group event in combination with that.

    Details are now published on the web site, and it looks like there will be two awesome sessions delivered as well.

    SUGUK Golf Day

    The SUGUK Golf Day, on 11th of August 2011, can be signed up for in this thread over at the forums: 4th Annual User Group Golf Day – Thursday August 11th

    Evening Sessions

    Following the Golf Day, there will be some awesome sessions delivered by the evening for the User Group. The following two sessions have been announced on the site.

    Session 1 – Steve Smith
    SharePoint 10 years on – What have we learnt.
    This session is aimed at everyone from End User, Devs, IT Pro and business and will look at lessons learned (Or Not) from the various business departments.

    Session 2 : Spencer Harbar
    The rational guide to Kerberos with SharePoint 2010
    In this Sessions Spence will drill into the cloudy often ignored world that is Kerberos and will show that Kerberos is not something to be scared off, but something to embrace providing you approach it right.

    Read more about the User Group event on the forums:


    One obvious reason for me being based in Sweden to be writing about this is of course that I will be attending this User Group event and the Golf Day myself. And I’m totally looking forward to it. Awesomeness will happen.

    Sweden SharePoint User Group – May 26th, Stockholm

    May 13th, 2011 by Tobias Zimmergren

    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    After a bit longer pause than we normally take, it is with great pleasure I now finally announce a new date for the next SSUG (Sweden SharePoint User Group) meeting taking place in Stockholm. Sogeti is kind to be a sponsor for the conference room and food and drinks during this event!

    Space is limited, so if you’re planning to attend – register today.

    Event details

    The event will take place in the central parts of Stockholm at hotel Clarion Sign.

    TIME Thursday, May 26th @ 18.00
    PLACE Clarion Sign Hotel
    Click here to register now!
    (You need to Sign in or create an account if you haven’t done so yet. More details about creating a user account here)

    Please note that the space is limited, so it’s "first come, first served" that applies to this event.

    Meeting agenda

    The meeting agenda will be updated soon with additional topics. Currently the agenda looks like this;

    • 18.00: Attendance registration, food and mingle!
    • 18:15: Welcome and Introduction, Tobias Zimmergren
    • 18:30: Session 1 – Customer Case:
      - Modern decision making system at Umeå Municipality, Christoffer von Sabsay
    • 19:15: Break
    • 19:25: Session 2: TBD
      - Details TBD
    • 20:10: Break
    • 20:15: Session 3
      - Details TBD

    The SSUG site

    SSUG is currently hosted on a SharePoint 2010 platform, which is quite fun since that’s what we all work with on a daily basis. For that purpose, I’ve added some minor products to the site that hopefully will fill its purpose by providing you with additional collaboration functionality.

    We’ll be updating the site with more cool stuff shortly!

    Discussion forum

    I’ve launched a peek-preview version of a discussion forum functionality on SSUG that you can try out here:

    Any comments, suggestions and feedback can be sent to support [@]

    Notification system

    I’ve added a new notification system to the SSUG site as well, notifying people about new meetings and important information. If you experience any problem with the notification plugin, please contact us at support [@]


    There’s a few more SSUG meetings planned for the summer which will be announced shortly.

    Until then, enjoy!

    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    The last week that just passed was filled with quite some cool happenings over at the BPCUK Conference in London. If you’ll follow the #BPCUK tag on Twitter you’ll find all the juicy information that you missed out on – there’s no real need for me to repeat it here :-)


    As promised, my session deck on Silverlight and SharePoint 2010 can be downloaded here: Download!

    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that the BPC conference in London is one of the main events to look forward to in the realm of SharePoint conferences.

    I will of course be attending this conference and I’ll be delivering an introductory  session about Silverlight and SharePoint.

    My session: Developing with Silverlight + SharePoint 2010 = Awesome

    I’ll be talking about how you can utilize Silverlight in SharePoint 2010 to create some cool RIA applications hosted inside (or outside!) of SharePoint.

    In this session you’ll get acquainted with what Silverlight is and how it plays along with SharePoint 2010 in various ways.

    We’ll of course be looking at how to create our very own Silverlight Web Parts and applications and host them inside of SharePoint 2010.

    The preliminary agenda of the session looks something like this;

    • Silverlight 101
    • Integrate with SharePoint 2010
    • Preferred deployment methods and developer guidance
    • Developer patterns
    • OOB Experience (Out of Browser) – Bring your Silverlight app to your desktop
    • And much more

    Last years conference (Evolutions conference)

    Just like you already know there was a volcano that found it suitable to erupt just in time for the conference last year that put a cane in the wheels for a lot of the attendees and speakers.

    My flights were cancelled in last minute so I had to find another way of making my way to the conference last year. One day before the conference I basically gave up hope and I just posted a tweet on Twitter saying "Hey, I need to go from Sweden to England, any takers?".

    A few minutes later a good friend of mine calls me up saying "Hey, I’m going to The Netherlands to pick up my girl since the flights are cancelled and boats and trains are full. I’m leaving in a few hours by car toward NL. Care to join?"

    Alright, why not I thought… We drove from Sweden through Denmark, Germany and finally reached Rotterdam in Holland after a long journey. This is where he picked up his girl and were bound to head back to Sweden again.

    I’m dropped off there, in the middle of nowhere, without any means of getting back to Sweden or getting on to England. All the boats and trains were full, remember? 
    This is where I’m using Twitter again and post a tweet asking if anyone is in Rotterdam and will be driving to England in the near future.

    Marianne tweets me back saying "Hey, we’ve got a spare seat in the car, we’ll pick you up tomorrow at 08.00 outside your chosen hotel". Sweet! Now we’re talking.

    We drove from Holland through Belgium and France to finally take the Eurotunnel and reach England.

    Even though that trip was a real blast and can’t really be depicted in words here, I really hope that the flights are leaving as scheduled this time!

    Steve explaining the long journey


    So if you’re attending BPC UK this year and care to join us in our adventures in the SharePoint jungle and the pubs – ping me.

    This year I’m counting on the flights and I’m hoping to see as many of you as possible for the conference in London next week.

    Until then, be awesome.

    TechDays 2011 in Örebro was a great success!

    April 2nd, 2011 by Tobias Zimmergren

    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren



    This week during Tuesday and Wednesday we had one of Sweden’s coolest Microsoft conventions of the year – Microsoft TechDays.

    It was a great success with many new acquaintances and some very cool sessions being presented.

    Microsoft Awards 2011


    This year I was on the jury-board for Microsoft Awards 2011, where we did a thorough job of picking the winning solution in each of the five categories (Web, Phone, Cloud, Client, Student).

    It was pretty cool to see all these exciting solutions from all the nominees. There’s some pretty cool and innovative technologies involved in this years winning solutions.

    I would definitely urge everyone to submit some cool and innovative solutions to the Microsoft Award 2012 contest that will be presented next year at TechDays 2012.


    What’s a good conference without the great sessions from all of our awesome speakers in Sweden? This year at TechDays there were some heavy-duty sessions as well as introductory sessions to cure everybody’s hunger for knowledge!

    You can find all the sessions that was presented here in the agenda! The sessions will be uploaded to the site shortly for you to download.

    Networking opportunities

    If you haven’t been at TechDays and are thinking about going and you’re trying to find suitable reasons for doing so… Then think no more. If you’re like me you’ll make probably attend some of the most interesting sessions and then go around socializing and networking. One of the main aspects of conferences today are the possibilities for growing your network.


    Attend TechDays 2012. It’s awesome.

    A look back at 2010

    January 6th, 2011 by Tobias Zimmergren

    Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


    A new year dawns, as we move into 2011. There’s plenty of awesome things going on that will shortly be announced for 2011.

    Right now, though, let’s focus on what 2010 looked like. Here’s a short summary of some of the highlights.

    Popular articles from 2010

    The main focus of my blog the last few years have been to produce quality articles to help people (myself included) to better understand certain development tasks in SharePoint.

    Here’s a list of some of the most popular articles I’ve written in 2010, in no particular order:

    Events in 2010

    What makes for a great year if not a great conference? Better yet, what makes for a great year if not for several great conferences?

    During 2010 I was attending and speaking at various conferences, user groups and events around the globe. I’ve got to say that it’s quite awesome to be part of the SharePoint community.

    Some of my favorite events of 2010 includes these;

    There was a few more conferences I was attending, but the aforementioned are the ones I thought brought significant value for the attendees (myself included) in terms of technical content, market understanding and building your social and professional network!

    SSUG – Sweden SharePoint User Group

    It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that the SSUG group is expanding and we’ve got a huge member base – we’re growing each day. What’s even more impressing is the quality and quantity of the people attending our meetings.

    Without our members showing up on our meetings, we wouldn’t be able to sustain such a great group – a thank you goes to our members, as always!

    MVP x3

    For the third time in a row I was awarded the MVP award from Microsoft for my community engagement. Let’s hope that 2011 will be just as awesome and that we will spend many joyful hours together online and offline.


    2011 is here, let’s embrace it like we always do with a new year and rock the socks off! There’s plenty of cool things going on in 2011 that you will not want to miss out – more on that later.

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