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Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 – Recap

December 25th, 2012 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


Better late than never for the post-SPC article I suppose. I was in Las Vegas at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference this year (2012) attending some great (and some not so great) sessions about SharePoint 2013. During the week I’ve met many old friends, made some new friends and had a blast every single day.

This will be a fairly short story, mentioning the sessions I liked and talking about some of the events that happened during our stay in Vegas.

What happened at SPC12?

Well, everything happened:

  • We had a majorly awesome SharePint at EyeCandy.
  • I was on a panel in the SharePoint Conference TV.
  • AvePoint had their legendary RedParty.
  • Axceller had an awesome event where Pamela Anderson appeared. The geeks were thrilled, to say the least.
  • Bon Jovi made an appearance and gave us a great show at Mandalay Bay.
  • We saw a lot of great SharePoint SharePoint Sessions.
  • Networking with peers.

Recommended sessions

Instead of shouting about all the new fancy details in how SharePoint 2013 will make your everyday easier, I’d like to shout out to a few of my friends who also gave some of the (in my opinion, of the ones I attended) best performances at SPC12.

Scot Hillier’s JavaScript sessions

Scot did a total of three sessions, two of which I attended with great pleasure and the third one didn’t fit my schedule:

A primer in HTML5 and JavaScript (SPC005)

The Office and SharePoint new Cloud App Model that lights up HTML and JavaScript development. This session will be a primer into all that HTML5 and Javascript have to offer and the best practices for using them. You will learn about HTML5, JSON, jQuery and much more…

JavaScript best practices for developing Apps (SPC136)

SharePoint 2013 introduces a new app model, which is heavily-reliant on client-side programming with JavaScript. While SharePoint developers often have strong server-side programming skills, their client-side programming skills are generally weaker. In this session, we will review the best practices for using JavaScript in SharePoint 2013 apps. We will start by presenting the various patterns for creating libraries in JavaScript that are reusable and maintainable. We will then cover the fundamentals of the REST and CSOM object models. Finally, we will show how to utilize key supporting libraries like jQuery and Knockout. The session will culminate with the presentation of a complete Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) app demonstrating all of the best practices. Attendees will exit the session ready to start developing SharePoint 2013 apps.

Kirk Evans’ Client Side Rendering session

Kirk is a personal friend of mine and an awesome guy overall. I expected a lot from him, but he blew the roof with this session. I think this is some great content and man is there a ton of awesome things to consider in the SharePoint 2013 box. If you can review one single session from the entire conference, go for this one. At least that’s what I’d do!

Client Side Rendering in SharePoint Server 2013 (SPC040)

SharePoint Server 2013 provides a new way of rendering content to the browser using client side rendering. This new way of rendering leverages web standard technologies like jQuery, JSON and REST to render data in a clearer and simpler way than before. In this session, you will learn these techniques for creating different types of views of data in SharePoint 2013.

Eric Schupps’ Helpdesk App session

So if you’re curious about what Apps has to offer in SharePoint 2013, this is THE session you should review. Eric’s doing a great job of showing off some capabilities in a real-world application usage for SharePoint Apps in SharePoint 2013. Way to go Eric!

A Real-World Help Desk App: End-to-End (SPC006)

This session will go over the nuts and bolts of a real world app scenario that we all know and love… Help desk support. During the session, we will look at the overall architecture the app as well as review the code of key components of the app itself. Finally, the session will describe the learnings found that every SharePoint developer will want to know.


There were tons of great sessions (and some not so great, but that’s a different story altogether) at the conference. Should someone ask me if I would go again the answer would obviously be "Of course, it was awesome. And I like awesomeness."

See you next time folks!

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


The last week that just passed was filled with quite some cool happenings over at the BPCUK Conference in London. If you’ll follow the #BPCUK tag on Twitter you’ll find all the juicy information that you missed out on – there’s no real need for me to repeat it here :-)


As promised, my session deck on Silverlight and SharePoint 2010 can be downloaded here: Download!

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that the BPC conference in London is one of the main events to look forward to in the realm of SharePoint conferences.

I will of course be attending this conference and I’ll be delivering an introductory  session about Silverlight and SharePoint.

My session: Developing with Silverlight + SharePoint 2010 = Awesome

I’ll be talking about how you can utilize Silverlight in SharePoint 2010 to create some cool RIA applications hosted inside (or outside!) of SharePoint.

In this session you’ll get acquainted with what Silverlight is and how it plays along with SharePoint 2010 in various ways.

We’ll of course be looking at how to create our very own Silverlight Web Parts and applications and host them inside of SharePoint 2010.

The preliminary agenda of the session looks something like this;

  • Silverlight 101
  • Integrate with SharePoint 2010
  • Preferred deployment methods and developer guidance
  • Developer patterns
  • OOB Experience (Out of Browser) – Bring your Silverlight app to your desktop
  • And much more

Last years conference (Evolutions conference)

Just like you already know there was a volcano that found it suitable to erupt just in time for the conference last year that put a cane in the wheels for a lot of the attendees and speakers.

My flights were cancelled in last minute so I had to find another way of making my way to the conference last year. One day before the conference I basically gave up hope and I just posted a tweet on Twitter saying "Hey, I need to go from Sweden to England, any takers?".

A few minutes later a good friend of mine calls me up saying "Hey, I’m going to The Netherlands to pick up my girl since the flights are cancelled and boats and trains are full. I’m leaving in a few hours by car toward NL. Care to join?"

Alright, why not I thought… We drove from Sweden through Denmark, Germany and finally reached Rotterdam in Holland after a long journey. This is where he picked up his girl and were bound to head back to Sweden again.

I’m dropped off there, in the middle of nowhere, without any means of getting back to Sweden or getting on to England. All the boats and trains were full, remember? 
This is where I’m using Twitter again and post a tweet asking if anyone is in Rotterdam and will be driving to England in the near future.

Marianne tweets me back saying "Hey, we’ve got a spare seat in the car, we’ll pick you up tomorrow at 08.00 outside your chosen hotel". Sweet! Now we’re talking.

We drove from Holland through Belgium and France to finally take the Eurotunnel and reach England.

Even though that trip was a real blast and can’t really be depicted in words here, I really hope that the flights are leaving as scheduled this time!

Steve explaining the long journey


So if you’re attending BPC UK this year and care to join us in our adventures in the SharePoint jungle and the pubs – ping me.

This year I’m counting on the flights and I’m hoping to see as many of you as possible for the conference in London next week.

Until then, be awesome.

TechDays 2011 in Örebro was a great success!

April 2nd, 2011 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren



This week during Tuesday and Wednesday we had one of Sweden’s coolest Microsoft conventions of the year – Microsoft TechDays.

It was a great success with many new acquaintances and some very cool sessions being presented.

Microsoft Awards 2011


This year I was on the jury-board for Microsoft Awards 2011, where we did a thorough job of picking the winning solution in each of the five categories (Web, Phone, Cloud, Client, Student).

It was pretty cool to see all these exciting solutions from all the nominees. There’s some pretty cool and innovative technologies involved in this years winning solutions.

I would definitely urge everyone to submit some cool and innovative solutions to the Microsoft Award 2012 contest that will be presented next year at TechDays 2012.


What’s a good conference without the great sessions from all of our awesome speakers in Sweden? This year at TechDays there were some heavy-duty sessions as well as introductory sessions to cure everybody’s hunger for knowledge!

You can find all the sessions that was presented here in the agenda! The sessions will be uploaded to the site shortly for you to download.

Networking opportunities

If you haven’t been at TechDays and are thinking about going and you’re trying to find suitable reasons for doing so… Then think no more. If you’re like me you’ll make probably attend some of the most interesting sessions and then go around socializing and networking. One of the main aspects of conferences today are the possibilities for growing your network.


Attend TechDays 2012. It’s awesome.

SEF 2010 – A recap

October 22nd, 2010 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


SEF 2010 (SharePoint & Exchange Forum) is over for this year and it was – like always – a blast.

At SEF 2010 there were some really cool sessions covering some very interesting areas like Lync (OCS 14), Exchange, Windows Phone 7 and of course SharePoint!

All the speakers at SEF 2010

SEF 2010 Highlights

Part from all the cool stuff presented in terms of Lync, Exchange and SharePoint – there were some cool presentations and previews for developers and consumers alike of the Windows Phone 7 OS from Microsoft.

This was by far one of the coolest things ever. I even started to write some official applications for the Windows Phone 7 that communicated with SharePoint 2010 – because it was rather easy and very cool indeed.

You can look out for the SSUG (Sweden SharePoint User Group) WP7 application shortly, to get up to speed with news and events about the SSUG happenings in Sweden!

Pure awesomeness, indeed!

My session downloads

My session about getting an introduction Silverlight development in SharePoint 2010 can now be downloaded here!

Code samples and a fresh tutorial will be posted here in the blog soon.

SEF 2010 in pictures

Wictor Wilén, Tobias Zimmergren, Eric Schupps, Joel Oleson, Penny CoventryTobias Zimmergren at the Vasa Museum  Joel Oleson and Tobias Zimmergren at the Vasa Museum

If you haven’t been to SEF before, you’ve been missing out! There’s some great pictures from the conference here:

Enjoy, and see you again next year folks!

SEF 2010 approaching

October 11th, 2010 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


Next week (October 18th and 19th) it’s time for the Swedish conference SEF 2010 (SharePoint & Exchange Forum) which is organized by HumanData.


My Session

This year I will only be having one session where I’ll be talking about how to get introduced to SharePoint 2010 and Silverlight development. If you’re attending SEF 2010 and want to learn how to get started with Silverlight development on the SharePoint 2010 platform, this session is for you!

All Sessions

For a complete guide over the available sessions, speakers and when it’s time for beer – check out the schedule here:


There’s a great lineup of national and international speakers attending the conference to share their bright sessions about their topics.

A list of these awesome speakers can be found here:


See you there, ‘nuff said!

SharePoint 2010 – The Developer Tour Malmö – Recap

May 23rd, 2010 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


I helped André Henriksson from Microsoft deliver the SharePoint 2010 Developer Roadshow in Malmö this spring. It was a fun and we had a great time, and according to the great feedback we’ve been getting – we did good.

André Henriksson talking about Office Services

Download the presentation

Some questions arose as to where folks could find the presentation, so here it is for you to enjoy!

Download: The SharePoint Developer Tour – Malmö

SharePoint Evolution Conference, London

April 22nd, 2010 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


As many of you guys out there know already, the conference called SharePoint Evolution Conference just came to an end yesterday.

SPEvo was a 3-day conference with lots and lots of great sessions and superb entertainment. Just around the corner of the Big Ben, the conference was very centrally located for everyone’s convenience.

Follow up with the SharePoint Evolution Conference

If you attended the conference, you’ve been getting a great deal of sessions delivered to you up front. But if you didn’t make it to the conference, there’s a few alternatives to catch up with some of what was presented.

  • Twitter
    • Make a search for #SPEvo which is the tag used for tweets about the conference
  • Blogs
    • Make sure you follow the speakers blogs and take advantage of their presentations being published there to follow along yourself.
  • User Groups
    • If you are not a member of a user group in your local area – get going immediately, as this is a one-stop-shop for getting hot and new information on SharePoint.


Below are some of my snapshots taken with my phone. Of course there’s a great bunch of pictures from the entire conference, and I would urge you to check out Matt’s blog as he has posted some great pictures following the conference here

SPEVo (12)

SPEVo (8) 

SPEVo (10)
SPEVo (15) SPEVo (23)

SharePoint 2010 – The Developer Tour (Sweden)

April 15th, 2010 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


We’re not too far from a release of the awesome Office and SharePoint products in the 2010-family, and as we approach this release we’re preparing some fantastic stuff for all of you developers to indulge in order to be somewhat prepared when it hits the market.

These events will be presented by André Henriksson and some Microsoft partners. I will be helping out with this presentation in Malmö and my mate Wictor Wilén (Who recently became a SharePoint MVP) is going to be helping out in Stockholm.

To read more about the agenda, keep an eye out in André Henrikssons blog:

When, Where and Signup?

I’ll be presenting during the Malmö-event, which you can find here:

Malmö, May 10th: Click here

In addition to the Malmö-event, there will of course be a few more stops of this tour along the way with different speakers and presenters:

Sundsvall, May 5th: Click here
Stockholm, May 17th: Click here
Umeå, May 19th: Click here
Göteborg, May 25th: Click here

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


Some of my friends, students, clients and fellow Sweden SharePoint User Group members have been asking when and where I will show up for some interesting discussions in Q1/Q2 this year. So I thought I’d lay it out simple and easy, with focus on the big things happening in the coming few months!

Sweden: Sweden SharePoint User Group

As usual you will find me at our awesome Sweden SharePoint User Group meetings. I have a plan to put some of these meetings in Göteborg and Malmö during Q2/Q3 as well, if there is an explicit interest in doing so. Let me know by emailing me (tobias (boink) and we’ll get something sorted in Göteborg and Malmö.

Sweden: TechDays 2010, Örebro


I will be representing the Sweden SharePoint User Group at TechDays Sweden in Örebro. Come meet me there to discuss opportunities, events and beer – all things related to SharePoint.

I will also be throwing 100 t-shirts at people who walk by – so make sure you pop over before they run out!

Link to event: 

England: SharePoint Evolution Conference 2010, London


I will be attending and running around at the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London in mid-april. Meet me and a lot of other awesome SharePoint folks to discuss anything related to SharePoint, beer or golf.

Link to event:

New Zealand: SharePoint Community Conference 2010


I will be speaking at the New Zealand SharePoint Conference in June this year, so if you are in the neighborhood – pop by New Zealand and say hi ;-)

[This section will be updated as more details become available]

Australia: SharePoint Community Conference 2010


I will be speaking at the Australia SharePoint Conference in June this year, so if you are in the neighborhood – pop by Australia and say hi ;-)

[This section will be updated as more details become available]


These are just a few of the most awesome things I’ll be doing this first half of 2010. There’s a whole bunch of other cool things going on, but these are the main public events going down – so don’t hesitate to pop me an e-mail if you’re going to attend any of them and we’ll grab a few beers!

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


LogoSEF2009 At the SEF 2009 Conference in Sweden I delivered a session about SharePoint 2010 development. The sessions from SEF are now available for download from the SEF web site.

Unfortunately the presentation I did was required to be in Swedish, and I haven’t done any translation to English for this particular presentation.

Download sessions from SEF

My session on SharePoint 2010 Development Introduction:
Tobias Zimmergren – SharePoint 2010 Development Introduction

Download all other presentations from, including great speakers like:

  • Eric Schupps
  • Göran Husman
  • Joel Oleson
  • Penny Coventry
  • Steve Smith
  • Todd Klindt
  • Wictor Wilén
  • and more…


Come and meet me in Vegas, Amsterdam and Berlin!

October 1st, 2009 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


The summer is over, and businesses around the globe are waking up again – and with that, we’ve got a ton of great events to look forward to this fall.

SharePoint Conference, Las Vegas (yeah baby!)

I guess you haven’t missed that it’s time for the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas very soon. (

We’re a great crew showing up at the conference, and I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you guys as possible while there!


I’m going to be in Amsterdam 1-6 November for some SharePoint business and training, so if you’re passing by or are in the neighborhood for some reason, we’re going to have some beers and you’re welcome to join us. Just ping me.

TechEd EMEA, Berlin

I’m going to be in Berlin this year as well, at TechEd EMEA. Feel free to join us for yet another set of beers while there ;-)


If you’re going to be attending one or more of these events, feel free to ping me using the contact form of this blog – and we’ll make sure to get you in on the beer-plans ;-)

A lot of travel, and a lot of beer – all while talking SharePoint. Could it get any better? Really?

Over and out.
/ Z

SharePoint Saturday Copenhagen – Code samples

September 14th, 2009 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


After SharePoint Saturday in Copenhagen a while back I promised to upload my code-samples from my demos. Being a bit busy the last few days, it’s been taking a bit longer than expected.

I’ve been looking through the evaluation forms from the event, and wow – thank you for the support everyone who attended my session. It couldn’t possibly be any better than this :-)
You made my day, and I hope I made your day as well!

Never fear, the code is here!

Example 1: Write to the ULS logs (12LOGS) folder

I showed a demo of how you can write to the logs in your 12-hive, using the examples on MSDN to start out from.

This project simply wraps the ULS-stuff into a class and lets you statically call the method to log stuff in the 12-hive.

Remember, you need to compile this code as unsafe. If that’s a problem for you, please consider using another approach.

Download code:

Example 2: Clean up those .wepbart files when you don’t need them anymore

In this example I showed you how you can easily clean up the .webpart files after you when you deactivate your WebPart Feature.

If you deploy a web part using a feature, and then deactivate the feature and remove the solution – your .webpart file will remain in the Web Part gallery which could lead to some confusion as you still can try to add it to a page, only to result in an error.

To prevent that, I’ve got a small snippet that cleans those files up when you deactivate your feature.

Note: If you’re playing a lot with Web Part properties and you re-deploy your solution and during that process will deactivate/activate the feature, the old .webpart files will be replaced by new copies – this means that your web par properties also can be affected!

Download code:

Example 3: SPExLib – SharePoint Extensions Library (.net 3.5)

Using the SharePoint Extensions Library ( you are provided with a great set of extra extensions to your normal SPobjects.

Please see my very simple example for an understanding of what I talked about and showed at SPSaturday Copenhagen.

Download code:


There you go – some of the examples I created during SharePoint Saturday Copenhagen. Enjoy.

Please leave a comment if you’ve got any questions, comments or just feedback.

SharePoint Saturday Copenhagen – Recap

August 26th, 2009 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren

Thank you, event coordinators

Being the first ever SharePoint Saturday in Scandinavia, I must admit that I was overly impressed with the event coordinators (Isaac Stith and Jens Nordgaard) work on this event.

I’m hoping to see some more SPSaturday events around Scandinavia, and hopefully we’ll be able to pull one together in Sweden as well.

My Presentation: Tips and Tricks for Developers and WSS as a public site

I did a very successful presentation of "SharePoint Development Tips & Tricks" which covered some ground that I think is important as a developer. Things you’ll need to consider in your development environments and development projects.

Along with that, I summarized the presentation by presenting how WSS can easily be used as a public web site.
Best part: Click one button and you’re converting your current Team Site to a 100% XHTML validated WSS public web site.
Best part 2: Click the same button, and you’re back at your normal Team Site.

Download presentation: Tobias_Zimmergren_SPSaturday_Copenhagen

The Sessions

Some great speakers attended, and some great sessions were presented during the SPSaturday event in Copenhagen.

Following are the presentations that were made, along with the names and twitter-names of the presenters:


SharePoint Saturday Copenhagen – 1 day left

August 21st, 2009 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren

SharePoint Copenhagen is going down tomorrow

I hope to see you at the little community meetup tomorrow. There will be some cool people, and we’ll have a chance to network a bit. (The best part, though, is the beer we can grab after ;-)


I’ll be giving a short presentation titled "Developer tips & tricks" which is nothing more fancy than the name implies. There’s a couple of things that I’d like to share with the world, that I often see in projects (or the lack of) and would like to bring some of those things to attention once again.

Another thing I’ll be presenting in the same session, is how you can utilize WSS 3.0 (Windows SharePoint Services) to host public Web Sites. Don’t believe me? Check out which not only is a WSS 3.0 site, it’s also 100% XHTML 1.0 Strict validated ;-)

See you there!