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CKS EBE – Comments Manager – Version

October 18th, 2008 by Tobias Zimmergren


Tobias Zimmergren


It’s getting late over here, but I ought to inform those of you using the EBE Comments Manager that there’s a new version out as of right now. It’s still a work-in-progress as a little private pet project of mine, so any suggestions and feedback are appreciated :)

For more information about the CKS EBE Comments Manager, check out this article!

If you want to skip the jidder, check out the tool directly: [Download]


  • Colorscales
    • Green: Approved Comments
    • Red: Rejected Comments
    • Yellow: Pending Comments
  • App.config
    • Settings file to put your default values for:
      • Blog URL
      • Comments List name
      • Trackback/Linkback List name (Coming soon)
  • Comments Management
    • Select any comment(s) by clicking the checkbox next to it
    • Use the AutoSelect filtering to automatically select all comments with a specific string in the body or title (Thanks to Johan Ljunggren for the proposal to put it in)
    • Approval Status changer
      • Change Approval Status to:
        • Approved
        • Pending
        • Rejected
  • All the stuff it did before, of course…

Usage / Introduction

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab and set the correct values (or do it in the App.config once and for all)
  2. On the “Comments Manager” tag, click “Fetch Comments” and wait for’em to load up (a few secs probably)
  3. Manage your comments a bit more easy



Summary & Download

This app is a very simple app which helps you to administer the comments for your  EBE blog. With the addition of approval status, you can easily approve, reject and set comments to pending.

This will of course be even more useful when the Web Service-interface is integrated, enabling you to do it from your client(s) :-)

You can download this lil’ tool here: [Download]

CKS EBE – Comments Manager

October 16th, 2008 by Tobias Zimmergren


    A new version of this tool can be downloaded [here]
    Read more about the new version [here]

I have been getting a few requests from people who’ve been getting quite a lot of spam in their Enhanced Blog Edition SharePoint blog, and who don’t currently have the ability to change any code or make adjustments. (They’ve got permissions to the system, but not to actually do anything like upgrade the assembly, add a nifty re-captcha validator or any other changes. They’re only allowed to do the “admin-stuff through the admin-interface”).

My quick and dirty solution was to provide them with a “Comments Manager” which basically is a Windows Application that will list all comments in the blog with a checkbox beside it. The “admin” can then check the desired (or, undesired..) blog comments and then kill them. This solution proved to be much faster than to do the same using the web browser using e.g. the tedious “Edit in datasheet view” option.

Note; This isn’t by far any cool application – it merely does what the few people want it to do, kill undesired comments with a better overview :)


This light-weight application will do the following:

  • List all comments
    • Comment Author
    • Trimmed Body
    • Background-coloring
      • Green for comments with status = “Approved”
      • Red for all other (Rejected and Pending)
  • Kill selected comments

Simple as that!

Comments Manager preview



Download the CKS:EBE Comments Manager v1.1.0.0

If you have ideas or comments, or if it simply doesn’t work – leave a comment!
Better yet, leave a comment anyway! :)

Future additions

If required by the people using this simple app – the future versions could include

  • Comment status change [Approval status]
  • Use Web Services to connect to your SP site instead
  • Track- and linkback manager
  • etc. etc.

Pingback/Trackback hell with EBE 2.0 Final

April 9th, 2008 by Tobias Zimmergren

As many of you have noticed, I’m getting a whole lot of spam in my ping- and trackbacks – Enhanced Blog Edition for SharePoint is missing some kind of spam-check for the trackbacks.
I will get to it to clear them out as soon as possible, but I’m going to Italy tomorrow and got tons of things to tend to before that.
Hang in there ;)

CKS:Enhanced Blog Edition – Enable Search

April 1st, 2008 by Tobias Zimmergren

The other day I started coding a custom searchfunctionality to use with the Community Kit for SharePoint’s Enhanced Blog Edition (CKS:EBE) – which is what this blog is running on.

However, while it would be fun and all to create a new custom search functionality for the EBE – someone beat me to it.

Daniel over at ZevenSeas has posted a blogpost on the subject and explains what the searchbox can do.

You can download the project on codeplex here.

Screenshots of the searchbox in use with the EBE:



Hope that you can find some good use for this searchbox, it’s working really good to be honest. Good work Daniel.

Some more customizations are to be done, then I’m set for tonight and will shortly begin my Silverlight 1.0 integration blogpost which I’ve postponed for too long now.


Since I just got my own blog up and running with the Enhanced Blog Edition kit (, I thought that it’d be fun to compile a list of bloggers that run the EBE for SharePoint.

For now it’s not a very long and thrilling list, but hopefully it’ll grow!

If you’ve got a blog running SharePoint EBE (or just SharePoint), please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

SharePoint Bloggers running SharePoint + Enhanced Blog Edition