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Sweden SharePoint User Group – Skåne – 3/10 2013

September 5th, 2013 by Tobias Zimmergren


The next Sweden SharePoint User Group meeting has been planned in Skåne. This time we’ll be hanging out with my great friends over at Tretton37 in Lund.

Update 2013-09-06: After one day of open registration, we have only 30 seats left out of 60.
Update 2013-09-07: After two days of open registration we only have about 20 seats left out of 60.
Update 2013-09-11: We now only have 2 seats left out of 60.


17:30 – Mingle & Beer

18:00 – Welcome to SSUG (by Tobias Zimmergren)

18:05 – Welcome to Tretton37 (by Peter Ekerot)

18:10 – Session 1: (by Matthias Einig)
Automated Code Quality Analysis of SharePoint Solutions

High quality SharePoint solutions do not have to be a coincidence! Learn about the challenges and their solutions of SharePoint code analysis and start avoiding the many pitfalls already during SharePoint development before the code reaches production.

18:45 – Break: Food & Beer

19:15 – Session 2: (by Anatoly Mironov)
Let’s talk about SharePoint Apps

We all know SharePoint Apps by now. But how are they adopted in the enterprises today? Anatoly will talk about his experience with Apps in a SharePoint 2013 project and discuss the possibilities with Apps.

Please be advised that the number of seats available for this event is maximum 60. First come, first served.

If you register for the event but in any way will have to cancel, please cancel through EventBrite so we can release your seat to someone who may be on the waiting list if we’re full.

Thank you and see you there!

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Enjoy! Pow!

Time goes by fast. Especially when thinking back at when we started our User Group in Sweden. We started the Sweden SharePoint User Group ( & back in 2007. We’ve had it running for a solid 6+ years and are soon entering our 7th anniversary. Pretty cool if you ask me. So here’s a few details and notes about that.

Sweden SharePoint User Group History

I (Tobias Zimmergren) founded the Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) back in 2007 together with Wictor Wilén and Göran Husman.


Back in 2007 at our very first meeting we were only about 15 people showing up. This was of course due to the natural reasons that nobody knew we existed and that we hadn’t really promoted the user group that well for our first meeting.

As time passed by and we had a few meetings every other month, members grew and the interest for our User Group really picked up. The following years the adoption of SharePoint became more and more common in organizations, which naturally led to more people picking up an interest in our group as well. Today we have more than 1100+ members that have registered their interest in the group. AWESOME.

So, where have we been hanging out?

During all the years we’ve been pulling our efforts for actual offline and on-site meetings. We rarely to never do any online sessions or recorded webcasts. The most obvious reason for this is that we want people to show up at our meetings, network, have fun, (obviously drink beer) and while doing all of this be able to grow their own professional network.

We started out in Stockholm by hanging out at various companies and letting them sponsor our meetings by setting up a room, arranging food and beverages and mostly have at least one session delivered by one of their SharePoint professionals. Today we have meetings in Stockholm and Malmö regularly and we’re expanding the group (again) to Göteborg.

As time flew by, we also set up a few different web sites for our members to use as a discussion point. We ended up realizing that nobody actually used those resources since you have MSDN and Stackexchange. We then decided to only use our new Facebook page for discussions and interactions ( and our EventBrite page for event registration and overview ( The rest of the action happens when we meet, and not online – so be sure to show up at a future meeting in order not to miss out.

Why would you attend the SSUG meetings?

In Sweden we are pretty confident that this is the most relaxed and easygoing way to network and learn about SharePoint – FOR FREE. All the hours, days, weeks and months of work that we put into this is on a voluntary basis in order to keep it neutral and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the top reasons why I personally attend (and organize) our meetings are:

You get a chance to meet old and new friends in the same field as yourself. Invaluable connections for your future adventures in SharePoint land.

You get a chance to learn and pick up new stuff about SharePoint.

Customer showcases
We try to have some sessions about customer showcases where you can see SharePoint being implemented in an organization and hear about the challenges, benefits and so on.

There’s no doubt that these events are one of the most social of events where geeks meet up. SharePoint is about sharing and collaborating – we make sure to do that when we meet. I mean who doesn’t like beer anyway?

Fun & relaxed
We always change the venue and keep it simple and relaxed. Grab a beer, listen to SharePoint and chit chat with fellow SharePointeers. Keeping it simple and making it awesome.

I don’t need to explain this one, do I?


We have fun. That’s key. So watch out for one of the following SharePoint geeks as they may be spreading awesomeness or simple rant about random SharePoint topics at an event near you in the future :-)


Sweden SharePoint User Group – March 14th, Malmö

February 21st, 2013 by Tobias Zimmergren


The Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) have planned a new meeting in Malmö, taking place on March 14th in central Malmö.

In order to show up you need to register for the event (

Event Details

It’s time for the next awesome Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) event in Malmö – We’re all excited about the new and shiny SharePoint 2013, so the topics for this night will obviously rhyme well with those lines:

17:30 – Mingle & Beer

18:00 – Welcome to SSUG (Tobias Zimmergren)

18:05 – Welcome to Bouvet (Mathias Hansson, Bouvet)

18:10 – Session 1:
How can we design environments and tools that support knowledge sharing and innovation in organizations?
- What are the most effective and efficient ways of sharing knowledge in organizations working with complex tasks
- How can SharePoint be implemented in order to support knowledge sharing
- Examples from kongsberg Group, Statnett and Bouvet
Speaker: Åsmund Mæhle, Bouvet

18:45 – Break: Food & Beer

19:00 – Session 2:
Connecting the Enterprise around SharePoint 2013
Search Based Applications is one of the many buzzwords used when talking about the new SP2013 platform – but how can it be done? Steen will showcase how to integrate data & documents from LOB systems, file shares and Office 365 into SP2013. Providing the user with context based relevant and up to date business critical information from across the enterprise, is key to building Search Based Applications. Highlights in the presentation include:
- Bi-directional integration between all SharePoint versions, file shares and databases
- Intelligent rules driven meta data transformation and enrichment
- Ability to look-up meta data in-flight from external databases – Build integration jobs , schedule and run them in batch
Speaker: Steen Jakobsen, Surfray

For any questions regarding this meeting, please contact Tobias Zimmergren,

See you there – awesome!

Please note that you are required to register for the event in order to be allowed in. In case we have more signups than the capacity of the facilities, you will be put on a waiting list – this also means that if you sign up and doesn’t show up without cancelling your registration we may have to allow someone else your seat at the next event to be fair to everyone.

Sign up here:


Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) – Updates and information

September 21st, 2012 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


Since we kicked off the Sweden SharePoint User Group (or SSUG) a couple of years back, we’ve managed to keep a great flow and balance in keeping free meetings and sessions throughout the Swedish SharePoint community. Recently I launched (actually re-launched) the SSUG group down in the southern parts of Sweden – and with great success. It’s awesome to see what a huge interest there is for SharePoint in general and our user group in particular.

Popular: Coming events

I’ve re-mapped the domain to point to our EventBrite page, which is where you’ll find any and all upcoming events with the SSUG group in Sweden.

Stockholm – September 24th, 2012

There is only 50 seats. PLEASE - if you cannot attend and have registered, please unregister. It’s not fair to our host or the people on the waitlist to not show up!

This event is SOLD OUT. 50 out of 50 attendees are signed up, and unfortunately we don’t have more room at this event. You can sign up on the waiting list at the event booking form

  • 17:30 Registration – you need to register here on Eventbrite to get a seat
  • 18:00 Wictor Wilén introduces SSUG and kicks off this season
  • 18:05 Steria welcomes everyone
  • 18:10 Matthias Einig (Steria) will present Application Life Cycle Management in SharePoint
  • 19:00 Beer and something to chew on
  • 19:15 Wictor Wilén (Connecta) will give you an introduction to all the new and shiny stuff in SharePoint 2013
  • 20:00 All good things must eventually end, but we’ll wrap up with a quick Q&A session about SharePoint 2013

Malmö – Oktober 4th, 2012

There is only 50 seats. PLEASE - if you cannot attend and have registered, please unregister. It’s not fair to our host or the people on the waitlist to not show up!

This event is SOLD OUT. 50 out of 50 attendees are signed up, and unfortunately we don’t have more room at this event. You can sign up on the waiting list at the event booking form

  • 17:30 – 18:00: Mingle and meetup
  • 18:00 : Tobias Zimmergren (TOZIT AB) introduces SSUG and kicks the meeting off
  • 18:05 : Carl-Johan Tiréus (Connecta) welcomes us to Connecta
  • 18:15 : One year with SharePoint – Alfa Laval presents their experiences and lessons learned from introducing SharePoint in their organization
  • 19:00 : Food & Beer!
  • 19:15 : Wictor Wilén (Connecta) talks about the most important news in SharePoint 2013
  • 20:00 : The End. Who’s up for a SharePint?

Where can you find us?

Upcoming events:

Facebook Group:

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


As I’ve talked about before, I’m putting some energy into organizing the Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) in the Skåne region. Yesterday we had our very first meeting (well, actually our second but the first one was about 4 years ago).

We had the pleasure to meet for food, drinks and sessions at Stretch Öresund AB where I had invited Carsten Keutmann (MVP) as a speaker, talking about the Model-View-Presenter pattern for SharePoint developers. Daniel Terborn from Stretch talked about Duet Enterprise and how SAP and SharePoint can be bridged together using Duet.

What went down

We had a pretty nice attendee-count and I’m hoping we can grow this awesome group as time progresses. We landed on around 35-40 people showing up for this first meeting:

Carsten Keutmann talked about Model-View-Presenter patterns when you create Web Parts in SharePoint 2010 development projects:

Daniel Terborn talked about Duet Enterprise:

What’s next

We’ll be planning a next meeting soon. Either we’ll have the meeting pre-summer or post-summer. Speakers and session-suggestions welcome, as always!

See you next time.

Sweden SharePoint User Group – Malmö, May 2nd

April 20th, 2012 by Tobias Zimmergren

Author: Tobias Zimmergren | | @zimmergren


The Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) is finally kicking off in Malmö again after a long wait. My hope is that we can organize a meeting in Malmö every other month together with a bunch of awesome people in the region. It’s the perfect opportunity if you want to broaden your network and get to know more fellow SharePoint-folks in the region.

SSUG Malmö Meeting, May 2 – Details

This time we’re honored to be sponsored by Stretch Öresund AB who will sponsor with snacks, drinks and office space during the evening.


  • 17:30 – 18:00: Meetup and mingle at Stretch Öresund AB.
  • 18:00 – 18:15: Tobias Zimmergren introduces SSUG and Stretch will present their company.
  • 18:15 – 18:45: Carsten Keutman (Creator of WSPBuilder and SharePoint Manager) will talk about developing SharePoint-projects using the MVP-pattern (Model View Presenter)
  • 18:45 – 19:00: Paus! Snacks, beer and mingle!
  • 19:00 – 19:45: Increased productivity with Duet Enterprise. Daniel Terborn from Stretch talks about how SAP and SharePoint can play an important role with Duet Enterprise.


The Stretch-office is located at "Stora Nygatan 61"

(Google Map:,Malmö )

Sign up / Register

You will need to register your attendance for the event, and this can be done by visiting this EventBrite link: 

Questions about the event?

Do you have any questions or comments about the event or SSUG? Contact Tobias Zimmergren and he’ll assist.



Tobias Zimmergren,
Sweden SharePoint User Group.