A free MSDN Ultimate subscription goes to Anders Rask

Author: Tobias Zimmergren
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Two weeks ago I posted in the blog about giving out some free MSDN Ultimate subscriptions with VS 2010 to anyone who provided me with a valid enough reason to get them.

One of the first few people who sent me an e-mail was Anders Rask, a Danish SharePoint consultant with an expressed love for SharePoint and related technologies. I was waiting for 2 weeks to see if I got some more valid reasons – and I did. Almost 100 people sent an e-mail providing different reasons for getting a MSDN license.

As I mentioned in my first post it is “first come – first served” that applies.

Here’s Anders reasoning

Here’s the quote from Anders for getting the free MSDN subscription:

I would love to get the license!

I work with SharePoint 24/7 and am active in the SharePoint community in various ways like:
SharePoint Overflow
– My Blog: http://andersrask.spoint.me
– Twitter: [@andersrask](http://www.twitter.com/andersrask).

However I cannot convince my employer to give me my own license for home use. I got 8 farms on my test rig at home all with expired licenses that i can’t use anymore.

I come from a developer background, but are trying hard to learn as much as I can about configuring and provisioning farms, so it’s a real pain that my rigs keep expiring so I have to reinstall..


Short in short, congratulations Anders Rask – and thank you for being active in the SharePoint community!

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