A look back at 2010

Author: Tobias Zimmergren
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A new year dawns, as we move into 2011. There’s plenty of awesome things going on that will shortly be announced for 2011.

Right now, though, let’s focus on what 2010 looked like. Here’s a short summary of some of the highlights.

Popular articles from 2010

The main focus of my blog the last few years have been to produce quality articles to help people (myself included) to better understand certain development tasks in SharePoint.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular articles I’ve written in 2010, in no particular order:

Events in 2010

What makes for a great year if not a great conference? Better yet, what makes for a great year if not for several great conferences?

During 2010 I was attending and speaking at various conferences, user groups and events around the globe. I’ve got to say that it’s quite awesome to be part of the SharePoint community.

Some of my favorite events of 2010 includes these;

There was a few more conferences I was attending, but the aforementioned are the ones I thought brought significant value for the attendees (myself included) in terms of technical content, market understanding and building your social and professional network!

SSUG – Sweden SharePoint User Group

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that the SSUG group is expanding and we’ve got a huge member base – we’re growing each day. What’s even more impressing is the quality and quantity of the people attending our meetings.

Without our members showing up on our meetings, we wouldn’t be able to sustain such a great group – a thank you goes to our members, as always!

MVP x3

For the third time in a row I was awarded the MVP award from Microsoft for my community engagement. Let’s hope that 2011 will be just as awesome and that we will spend many joyful hours together online and offline.


2011 is here, let’s embrace it like we always do with a new year and rock the socks off! There’s plenty of cool things going on in 2011 that you will not want to miss out – more on that later.

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