An interesting year is coming to an end, thank you 2013 - let's embrace 2014!


Every year when the year is coming close to an end a lot of people including myself write a recap of the year that was. For me this has been an extremely interesting year and I’ve had lots of fun! I’m simply amazed about how much I enjoy working with what I am doing today and how many awesome people I get to meet throughout the conferences, community and at my clients.

So with that said here’s a small recap of 2013 from my own personal perspective, categorized in a few headlines.

Microsoft MVP – 6 times and going strong

I was renewed for my Microsoft MVP award for SharePoint this year again for the sixth consecutive year. I am thoroughly humbled by being recognized by Microsoft for my efforts. Not only have I been able to directly communicate with the guys that build what we call SharePoint, but I’ve also gotten to know quite some cool people in the community and at Microsoft during the last few years. A network that simply keeps on growing, and a community that seems to never sleep.

With that said, thank you Microsoft for your Microsoft MVP  Award program. Truly beneficial both for me as a community advocate and for my peers and clients!

Popular articles of 2013

When I write a summary of the past year it usually involves a short list of highlights from the year in the blog. This year there’s been quite a few interesting articles that has been extremely well visited and here’s a short list:

The local SharePoint Community

During the last year I’ve expanded the SSUG (Sweden SharePoint User Group) in the southern parts of Sweden as promised. We’re having great meetings with great people and content. We’re building the up the base for the community and so far we’ve had more people in every new event than we had on the previous one – so we’re definitely moving in the right direction. None of this would of course be possible without the help of great speakers, companies who help out and sponsor our events and of course all the attendees that show up and indulge in the information we share with each other.

I’m truly happy for what we’ve managed with the community thus far, and I think we’re not even close to the goal yet – we’ve got a lot more to grow and we can probably fine tune our processes a bit to make our events even more seamless. Thank you everyone in the local Swedish SharePoint community, you guys rock!

Less travel, more focus on local business

Yes, I know. I haven’t been at the last few conferences and trust me – I want to go to every single one. I’m really enjoying the less-travel & more-focus approach where I get to focus my attention to my local businesses, and instead of travelling the world as I’ve been doing in recent years I’m now investing a lot of time and resources in the local market here, including long-term projects over the shorter expert advisory cases.

The winner in this decision though is the local community, my clients and of course myself and my family – less jetlag and more time for building up the SharePoint community in southern Sweden while not being away from home too much. Wohoo! But that doesn’t rule out me showing up at a conference near you, though.

New ventures of 2013

This section details what I think are the most interesting events of the year. Last year (2012) I had a lot of discussions with companies about various ventures and what my next steps should be for my own business and career would be; It ended up along the lines keeping the status of what I’m currently doing (running TOZIT AB) – but with a few additional engagements. I will only write as much details as I can and am allowed, and update when appropriate.

I joined a startup as a partner

One of the companies that reached out to me is a local (Swedish) startup working on mobile and enterprise class services and products – they’re not a consultant company but rather a service provider of online services. They recently launched and are working thoroughly on providing new services for their new market. My main tasks here are to act as a connection hub to the groups of people they need to be connected to and to provide my advice on the tech I work with as well as my view on the market and in what direction we should develop the portfolio of services. I’m pretty excited about this venture – the people I get to meet here are amazing, hard working, talented and they are setting their goals high! Challenging and exciting.

This company doesn’t explicitly work with SharePoint.

I also joined another small business as a partner and investor

Another company decided to meet with me one day and the result of that was that I came out from the meeting as an investor and new business partner for a local business. These guys develop systems for very specific usages by large production companies, and their market seems to be pretty solid. Exciting indeed.

This company doesn’t explicitly work with SharePoint.

Launching new SharePoint products and tools

During 2013 I’ve been working really hard with creating new products and launching them to market. I present to you; Pointbird and SharePoint Discussions (updated).

| pointbird12 | Pointbird: We have been developing some plugins and products for our clients for a long time. But instead of re-inventing and adjusting the solutions for each client, we’ve standardized some of the most commonly requested features from our clients. We’ve packaged them under a new brand called Pointbird. You can check out for an idea about what the products are all about. There’s a need for them, and so they now exist for our clients to utilize without investing development time. |

| LogoWithText_DarkBlue_bgwhite | SharePoint Discussions: Our SharePoint Discussions solution ( has increased in popularity and we’re almost ready to release the 2013 version as well. We’ve currently got a 2007 version, a 2010 version and soon the 2013 version. We’ve been working on this tool since 2008 and it’s been ever popular since. We’ve deployed it to quite the number of clients and we’re still seeing an increased popularity which means we’ll try to meet the requirements of the market by modifying the services and products accordingly. |


The year has been very interesting and exciting and I am hoping for an equally awesome time during the year to come. I’ve been working hard and for many hours, days and nights and I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

What adventures lies ahead for 2014? I bet there are many new (ad)ventures and opportunities at hand – let’s embrace them and treat 2014 as our new best friend. Welcome to the future.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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