Back from the Mediterranean

I was out sailing for the last week, in the mediterranean. One of the best vacations I’ve had in a long time really. We (two friends of mine and me) sailed from southern Mallorca (Palma) to france (st. Tropez and Antibe) with alot of stops on the way along the Mallorca and Minorca coastlines :)

I’ve got some pictures from the "cruise" to post later on, but they’re still trapped in my digital camera at home :D

Before I went to the cruise, I was in the middle-parts of sweden somewhere in my relatives cabin. Basically no water, electricity or any other comfortabilities were at hand. You had a lake and a huuuuge forrest to your disposal :D The mobilephone didn’t even have a signal (Yay!) — Now that’s a vacation worth remembering :)

Hope to be back on the SharePoint blogging-track soon, but got tons of other projects which have priority right now :/

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