Come and meet me in Vegas, Amsterdam and Berlin!

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The summer is over, and businesses around the globe are waking up again – and with that, we’ve got a ton of great events to look forward to this fall.

SharePoint Conference, Las Vegas (yeah baby!)

I guess you haven’t missed that it’s time for the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas very soon. (

We’re a great crew showing up at the conference, and I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you guys as possible while there!


I’m going to be in Amsterdam 1-6 November for some SharePoint business and training, so if you’re passing by or are in the neighborhood for some reason, we’re going to have some beers and you’re welcome to join us. Just ping me.

TechEd EMEA, Berlin

I’m going to be in Berlin this year as well, at TechEd EMEA. Feel free to join us for yet another set of beers while there ;-)


If you’re going to be attending one or more of these events, feel free to ping me using the contact form of this blog – and we’ll make sure to get you in on the beer-plans ;-)

A lot of travel, and a lot of beer – all while talking SharePoint. Could it get any better? Really?

Over and out.
/ Z

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