Alias! Say your web-server is named myServer1 and you want users to access it via the browser with https://companyintranet instead.
What you can do is change the DNS so that the address myServer1 points to companyintranet, but you also need to make some configurations in the Central Admin, as shown below.

If you want to change an alias for a MOSS 2007 web-application all you need to do is a setting in Central Administration as per these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Central Administration
  2. On the Operations-page, choose Alternate Access Mappings in the Global Configuration section.
  3. In Alternate Access Mapping Collection you click Change Alternate Access Mapping Collection
  4. Choose your web-application in the webpage dialog (mine is called SharePoint:80)
  5. Click Edit Outbound URLs. Make sure the web application is listen in the Default Zone. Now you can add aliases for Default, Intranet, Internet, Custom and Extranet.
  6. If you want to add an incoming url, choose Add Incoming URLs then in the New default zone URL protocol, host and port type the URL for the server you want to map to the webapplication. Example: https://yourserver:port
  7. Go go go!

Hope it helps someone out there in their quest for going into production with MOSS 2007 =)