Edit: After a search through the database, I found out that there isn’t as many SharePointBlogs-posts as I had hoped. However I’ve managed to get a great bunch of posts recovered to some bloggers through mail and MSN. So after all, it wasn’t all in vain =)
Lastly: Keep up the good work Dustin.

Original post:
I’ve got some great news.

As you all know, this site was down during a long time due to a hardware failure and some data was lost/unable to be recovered.. Fear not, for I have backups. 2349 posts to be more specific. (Some are not SharePointBlogs.com, but most are).

Things to note:
No images are stored
No comments are stored (Dang, that’s what I love the most about a blog…)

I’m setting up the database-sync again and hopefully I can get the comments and images stored aswell ;)

Conclusion for this blogpost is: Leave a comment with your BlogURL and email and I’ll get back to you with your specific posts if they’re in my database.

Have a good one everyone!