Hosted Microsoft TFS - Team Foundation Service - Part 2: Connect your development rig

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A while back an announcement was made that had been made available for general testing. Various bloggers at Microsoft put an invitation token in their MSDN blogs so everyone can have a go at it.

In this article series we’ll take a very quick look at what the hosted TFS solution by Microsoft looks like.

Articles currently in the series:

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Connect Visual Studio 2010 to your new hosted team project

In order to be able to connect to the hosted TFSPreview team project, you’ll need to comply with the prerequisites I’m listing here.


Hook up Visual Studio to your new repository/project

Alright, if you’ve downloaded and installed KB2581206 (which means you’re spinning VS2010 SP1 already) you are read to connect. The procedure to connect to the hosted TFS service is basically the same as if you were to connect to any other TFS repository, which is easy and awesome.

In Visual Studio 2010 SP1, simply make these smooth ninja moves and you’re done:

Make sure to fetch the URL of your account (As seen in your dashboard, like depicted below):

Enter this URL in the Visual Studio 2010 dialogs and we’re ready to kick off:

It’ll ask you for your credentials which you need to use to verify your account details:

You should now be authenticated and your repository should be available:

You’ll go ahead as you normally do and choose the projects that interests you and then you’re basically done:

Your Team Explorer should contain your TFS project and you should be able to work with it as you normally would from Visual Studio 2010:

This means you’ve got all of your standard tasks and operations available straight from VS 2010 (So you don’t have to go to the website to make changes …):


Easy enough. As soon as you’ve downloaded the required tooling to get connected, you can hook up your new cloud-hosted team project in Visual Studio 2010 without any problems. Give it a spin, it flows quite nicely!


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