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Author: Tobias Zimmergren
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A while back, along with a bunch of other awesome SharePoint people, I attended the SharePoint 2010 Ignite training in Amsterdam. The Ignite-training is an invite-only training for Microsoft Partners, trained by Microsoft staff and approved trainers.

A quote from Microsoft website about the Ignite program:

As part of our overall SharePoint 2010 Readiness efforts we are delighted to announce SharePoint Ignite, a technical readiness program for certified SharePoint partners.  Ignite is a program designed to drive excellence early and deep technical competency for SharePoint 2010 within the SharePoint partner channel.  There are two Ignite offerings, Ignite for the IT Pro and Ignite for the Developer.  Each program consists of 5 days of content, and is geared towards upgrading SharePoint 2007 skilled partners to SharePoint 2010.  In order to attend a training, you will need to be certified on SharePoint 2007. 

Approved instructor

After the training I had some interviews, and all went well – and I’m glad to announce that I am now officially an approved trainer for the SharePoint 2010 Ignite developer training in Sweden!


If you would like to attend any of our SharePoint 2010 trainings in Sweden, don’t hesitate to contact me on

tobias at tozit dot com

Have a great day!

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Tobias Zimmergren

Tobias Zimmergren

Hi, I'm Tobias Zimmergren. I am a Microsoft MVP for SharePoint and I use this site to share my thoughts on tech with you on topics like SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and general web development.

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