I am Outlook 2007! Try the quiz :)

Apparently I am Outlook 2007 according to this fun little quiz :)

"Connecting with people is the key to your happiness and success. Your outgoing, action-oriented personality is something everyone who knows you can count on. You have the information at your fingertips – whether it is a date or a keyword, you can always come up with it. You are the social chairperson among your friends, and people seek you out for the party details, the latest hot spot or celebrity gossip. Your color-coded to-do lists are legendary, and your calendars are masterpieces. You make it look so easy to manage multiple priorities; multi-tasking could be your middle name. With the new Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, it will be easy to manage and share all your vital information from one place. With your positive outlook, you will be thrilled to know that others can enjoy the same increased collaboration and functionality. Your favorite new feature Office 2007 will no doubt be the RSS reader in Outlook 2007. "

Check the quiz out, http://www.ontheofficecouch.com/.

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