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Author: Tobias Zimmergren
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We’re not too far from a release of the awesome Office and SharePoint products in the 2010-family, and as we approach this release we’re preparing some fantastic stuff for all of you developers to indulge in order to be somewhat prepared when it hits the market.

These events will be presented by André Henriksson and some Microsoft partners. I will be helping out with this presentation in Malmö and my mate Wictor Wilén (Who recently became a SharePoint MVP) is going to be helping out in Stockholm.

To read more about the agenda, keep an eye out in André Henrikssons blog:

When, Where and Signup?

I’ll be presenting during the Malmö-event, which you can find here:

Malmö, May 10th: Click here

In addition to the Malmö-event, there will of course be a few more stops of this tour along the way with different speakers and presenters:

Sundsvall, May 5th: Click here
Stockholm, May 17th: Click here
Umeå, May 19th: Click here
Göteborg, May 25th: Click here

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Tobias Zimmergren

Tobias Zimmergren

Hi, I'm Tobias Zimmergren. I am a Microsoft MVP for SharePoint and I use this site to share my thoughts on tech with you on topics like SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and general web development.

  Malmö, Sweden

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