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As many of you guys out there know already, the conference called SharePoint Evolution Conference just came to an end yesterday.

SPEvo was a 3-day conference with lots and lots of great sessions and superb entertainment. Just around the corner of the Big Ben, the conference was very centrally located for everyone’s convenience.

Follow up with the SharePoint Evolution Conference

If you attended the conference, you’ve been getting a great deal of sessions delivered to you up front. But if you didn’t make it to the conference, there’s a few alternatives to catch up with some of what was presented.

  • Twitter - Make a search for #SPEvo which is the tag used for tweets about the conference
  • Blogs - Make sure you follow the speakers blogs and take advantage of their presentations being published there to follow along yourself.
  • User Groups - If you are not a member of a user group in your local area – get going immediately, as this is a one-stop-shop for getting hot and new information on SharePoint.


Below are some of my snapshots taken with my phone. Of course there’s a great bunch of pictures from the entire conference, and I would urge you to check out Matt’s blog as he has posted some great pictures following the conference here

SPEVo (12)

SPEVo (8) 

SPEVo (10)
SPEVo (15) SPEVo (23)