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Thank you, event coordinators

Being the first ever SharePoint Saturday in Scandinavia, I must admit that I was overly impressed with the event coordinators (Isaac Stith and Jens Nordgaard) work on this event.

I’m hoping to see some more SPSaturday events around Scandinavia, and hopefully we’ll be able to pull one together in Sweden as well.

My Presentation: Tips and Tricks for Developers and WSS as a public site

I did a very successful presentation of "SharePoint Development Tips & Tricks" which covered some ground that I think is important as a developer. Things you’ll need to consider in your development environments and development projects.

Along with that, I summarized the presentation by presenting how WSS can easily be used as a public web site.
Best part: Click one button and you’re converting your current Team Site to a 100% XHTML validated WSS public web site.
Best part 2: Click the same button, and you’re back at your normal Team Site.

Download presentation: Tobias_Zimmergren_SPSaturday_Copenhagen

The Sessions

Some great speakers attended, and some great sessions were presented during the SPSaturday event in Copenhagen.

Following are the presentations that were made, along with the names and twitter-names of the presenters:

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