SUGUK Meeting along with the Golf Day in August

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Once a year in the UK, the SUGUK (SharePoint User Group UK) organizes a SharePoint Golf Day and a User Group event in combination with that.

Details are now published on the web site, and it looks like there will be two awesome sessions delivered as well.

SUGUK Golf Day

The SUGUK Golf Day, on 11th of August 2011, can be signed up for in this thread over at the forums: 4th Annual User Group Golf Day – Thursday August 11th

Evening Sessions

Following the Golf Day, there will be some awesome sessions delivered by the evening for the User Group. The following two sessions have been announced on the site.

Session 1 – Steve Smith
SharePoint 10 years on – What have we learnt.
This session is aimed at everyone from End User, Devs, IT Pro and business and will look at lessons learned (Or Not) from the various business departments.

Session 2 : Spencer Harbar
The rational guide to Kerberos with SharePoint 2010
In this Sessions Spence will drill into the cloudy often ignored world that is Kerberos and will show that Kerberos is not something to be scared off, but something to embrace providing you approach it right.

Read more about the User Group event on the forums:


One obvious reason for me being based in Sweden to be writing about this is of course that I will be attending this User Group event and the Golf Day myself. And I’m totally looking forward to it. Awesomeness will happen.

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