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The Sweden SharePoint User Group (SSUG) is a non-profit organization where we continuously  provide meet-ups and presentations about SharePoint in Sweden.
There’s no doubt that everyone’s been very busy the last year and things aren’t about to change now. As we head deeper into 2012 I’m sure we’ll have plenty of awesome SharePoint-related meetings and conferences to attend!

The group started in Stockholm several years ago when Me (Tobias Zimmergren), Göran Husman, Wictor Wilén and Daniel Bugday decided to join our forces and provide a common ground for people in Sweden that are interested in SharePoint.

We’ve conducted several meetings in Stockholm, a few meetings in Gothenburg and unfortunately only one meeting in Malmö. Things are about to change!

With our new establishment of TOZIT AB in the region, I’ve decided to shorten down the long trips I’ve previously had and focus my attention to this region (Öresundsregionen – Helsingborg/Lund/Malmoe/Copenhagen etc.) – this means more time for the SSUG (Sweden SharePoint User Group) in Malmö as well.

Upcoming Event – Malmö

During late February or early March we’ll have our first meeting since 2008, when myself and Carsten Keutmann did presentations on SharePoint Online and WSPBuilder.


Agenda: TBD

Location: Malmö

Date & Time: During March


Upcoming Event – Stockholm

Update: The details for the SSUG Event in Stockholm have been published, and you can sign up and read more here: http://ssug.eventbrite.com/



  • *Mattias Karlsson, Microsoft: Talks about Microsoft PFE
    • How does the Microsoft support work? What does a PFE do?
  • Wictor Wilén, Connecta: Talks about the MCM and MCA Programs
    What are the Microsoft Certified Masters and Certified Architect programs?
  • Session 3: To Be Decided

Location: Microsoft HQ, Akalla (Stockholm)

Date & Time: March 15th, 18:00 CET

Sign up here: http://ssug.eventbrite.com/


Sponsors and Speakers

The routines for our meetings is that we’ve got a sponsor to host the meeting (provide meeting rooms, projectors and food/beverages) and we’ve had one or more speakers during an evening.

We’re currently looking for:

  • Meeting Sponsors: Where you provide your offices or conference rooms for our meetings
  • Speakers: Where you talk about whatever interests you in SharePoint. Here’s some of the popular focus areas we’ve had speakers talk about before: - Focus: Development
  • Focus: Architecture
  • Focus: End User Adoption
  • Focus: No-Code Solutions
  • Focus: Marketing
  • Focus: Show Cases / How-We-Did-It

See you soon at a local SSUG meeting!


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