Sweden SharePoint User Group Malmö - First meeting done

Author: Tobias Zimmergren
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Thank you

I would like to thank everyone for showing up at the meeting yesterday. I had a great time and it seems that most of you did too.


MVP Carsten Keutmann did a live demo of his awesome products: WSPBuilder and SharePoint Manager 2007. Great job Carsten, and thanks for tuning in!

I did a minor presentation on SharePoint Online and then went over to some live demos of what the admin-portal and the single sign-in application looks like and how it all works.

The presentation can be downloaded here


If you’re not a member of the Sweden SharePoint User Group already, I urge you to sign up for an account and join the group on this address:[
<a href="http://www.sharepointcommunity.se/group/swedensharepointusergroup](http://www.sharepointcommunity.se/group/swedensharepointusergroup">http://www.sharepointcommunity.se/group/swedensharepointusergroup](http://www.sharepointcommunity.se/group/swedensharepointusergroup "http://www.sharepointcommunity.se/group/swedensharepointusergroup")

**New URL?
**Yes, we’ve moved the User Group to the NING-platform for a period of time while we build our new platform in SharePoint due to the fact that NING is a lot easier for user management and community-contributions than SharePoint is out of the box (dang, did I just admit that?)


With that said, thank you again for showing up and showing your interest in our SharePoint User Group. Great stuff!

Any and all that are interested in speaking at one of the UG-meetings are more than welcome to contact me (

tobias at zimmergren dot net

) and we’ll be sure to hook that up!

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