Sweden SharePoint User Group, May 28th Re-Cap

Author: Tobias Zimmergren
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On May 28th we held our Sweden SharePoint User Group meeting in Stockholm with great success.

Sponsoring the event for the evening was Precio, who had an arsenal of food and drinks layered up for us to dive into in-between sessions.

With that said, thank you Precio for lending us your time, place and beer.

What was said / Agenda

During the event, we had three main sessions:

  • SPVisualDev by Tony Restaino (Precio) - During this session, Tony did a great demonstration of how his CodePlex tool (SPVisualDev) can help you as a developer to complete your tasks a bit faster. A great complement to WSPBuilder!
  • Microsoft Certified Master by Peter Williams (Microsoft Sweden) - As the *only**one* in Sweden who is a Microsoft Certified Master on SharePoint, Peter did an awesome job describing what the MCM program is all about.
    If I can get hold of the presentation from Peter I will have this article updated with links to it.
  • Nintex Workflows by Mikael Bolin (HumanData) - Giving us a brief overview of what Nintex workflows bring to the table was clearly appreciated.

Post-Session Photos

And the real reason for this post is so I can show you some photos of the event!

| MVP Tobias Zimmergren moderating the meeting | Tony Restaino presenting SPVisualDev | Parts of the audience |
| Mikael Bolin presenting on Nintex | MVP Göran Husman wondering where the beer is | SSUG Sthlm 20090528 (36) |
| Peter Williams, Microsoft, presenting the Microsoft Certified Master program for SharePoint | This is why I am attending - beer and snacks | SSUG Sthlm 20090528 (11) |

Thanks to Tony for shooting some great pictures of the event – please bring this amazing camera next time ;-)


Remember, attending our User Group meetings is 100% FREE OF CHARGE! You can find more information on www.sharepointcommunity.se and sign up if you’re not a member already. You will then receive an email next time we will organize a meeting!

We organize meetings in:

  • Stockholm
  • Göteborg
  • Malmö
  • (other locations where it may be fun and there is an audience)

If you have any thoughts about future meetings, about being a presenter, about having a meeting in your city, about sponsoring a meeting or about anything at all – please send me an email at

tobias at zimmergren dot net

and I will set it up for you.

Thanks for reading.

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