Sweden SharePoint User Group - Skåne - 3/10 2013


The next Sweden SharePoint User Group meeting has been planned in Skåne. This time we’ll be hanging out with my great friends over at Tretton37 in Lund.

[blockquote]Update 2013-09-06: After one day of open registration, we have only 30 seats left out of 60.
Update 2013-09-07: After two days of open registration we only have about 20 seats left out of 60.
Update 2013-09-11: We now only have 2 seats left out of 60.[/blockquote]


17:30 – Mingle & Beer

18:00 – Welcome to SSUG (by Tobias Zimmergren)

18:05 – Welcome to Tretton37 (by Peter Ekerot)

18:10 – Session 1: (by Matthias Einig)
Automated Code Quality Analysis of SharePoint Solutions

High quality SharePoint solutions do not have to be a coincidence! Learn about the challenges and their solutions of SharePoint code analysis and start avoiding the many pitfalls already during SharePoint development before the code reaches production.

18:45 – Break: Food & Beer

19:15 – Session 2: (by Anatoly Mironov)
Let’s talk about SharePoint Apps

We all know SharePoint Apps by now. But how are they adopted in the enterprises today? Anatoly will talk about his experience with Apps in a SharePoint 2013 project and discuss the possibilities with Apps.

Please be advised that the number of seats available for this event is maximum 60. First come, first served.

If you register for the event but in any way will have to cancel, please cancel through EventBrite so we can release your seat to someone who may be on the waiting list if we’re full.

Thank you and see you there!

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Enjoy! Pow!

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