This is just going to be a short announcement on what’s going on over here in Sweden, on our side of the globe. So – if you’re not interested about what’s going on over here, stop reading right about now.

Sweden SharePoint Community

As some of you might have noticed, there’s a new community rising in the roots of Sweden – Sweden SharePoint Community.

If you’re not already a member – why not have a go at it and become one today. (It’s in Swedish, so that’s pretty much a required knowledge) :-)

Sweden SharePoint User Group

Sweden SharePoint User Group’s next event is approaching fast and the next meeting will be held in Stockholm the 9th of February. (Read more here)

There will be a meeting in March in Malmö, which will be announced shortly.

TechDays – approaching

TechDays will be held in Västerås the 17-18th of March 2009. Read more

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