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Integrate SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) in your TeamCity build configurations–Improving your SharePoint and Office 365 ALM

Previously I’ve written an article about “Automating SharePoint Development – Iterative Development Process” which is essentially just scraping the surface of ALM in SharePoint. In that article I mention the use of SPCAF as a code quality tool for SharePoint.

Since there’s been a lot of people asking how

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0 Comments 13 April 2015
Automating SharePoint Development - Iterative Development Process

Author: Tobias Zimmergren
www.zimmergren.net | www.tozit.com | www.sharepointdiscussions.com | @zimmergren


When dealing with SharePoint development, there’s tons of things to consider. There’s the aspects of code quality, aspects of proficient testing taking place and of course having a reliable process to re-do and fix

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0 Comments 11 December 2013

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