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Tobias Zimmergren (tobias at zimmergren dot net)



It’s getting late over here, but I ought to inform those of you using the EBE Comments Manager that there’s a new version out as of right now. It’s still a work-in-progress as a

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0 Comments 18 October 2008

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    A new version of this tool can be downloaded [here]     Read more about the new version [here]

I have been getting a few requests from people who’ve been getting quite a lot of

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0 Comments 16 October 2008

As many of you have noticed, I’m getting a whole lot of spam in my ping- and trackbacks – Enhanced Blog Edition for SharePoint is missing some kind of spam-check for the trackbacks.

I will get to it to clear them out as soon as possible, but I’m going

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0 Comments 09 April 2008

The other day I started coding a custom searchfunctionality to use with the Community Kit for SharePoint’s Enhanced Blog Edition (CKS:EBE) – which is what this blog is running on.

However, while it would be fun and all to create a new custom search functionality for the EBE – someone

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0 Comments 01 April 2008

Since I just got my own blog up and running with the Enhanced Blog Edition kit (www.codeplex.com/cks), I thought that it’d be fun to compile a list of bloggers that run the EBE for SharePoint.

For now it’s not a very long and thrilling list,

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0 Comments 24 March 2008

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