Extending the LINQ to SharePoint context to allow additional fields and properties in your queries

Author: Tobias Zimmergren [http://www.zimmergren.net](file:///C:/) | http://www.tozit.com | @zimmergren Introduction One of he culprits of working with the LINQ to SharePoint contexts that are being auto-generated for us is that it actually doesn’t necessarily render all the fields or properties you require. For example the built-in fields "Created By" or the "Attachments" property of a list item. Oftentimes we need these fields in our queries, whether they be CAML queries or LINQ queries. With LINQ to SharePoint you have the ability to extend an Entity that you’ve generated, and…

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How to: LINQ with SharePoint - .NET 3.5 Framework with SharePoint Part 2

|---------|--------------------------------------------------| | Author: | Tobias Zimmergren (tobias at zimmergren dot net) | | Blog: | http:https:https://zimmergren.net//zimmergren.net//www.zimmergren.net | Introduction In my previous article title "How to: Get up and running with .NET 3.5 in your SharePoint environment" I talked about how you can manually set up your SharePoint environment for use with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. In this article I will talk about how you can incorporade some of the technologies used in .NET 3.5 to query a SharePoint list. More precisely, I will talk about how you easily can use LINQ…

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