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I have previously talked about how you manually can configure your SharePoint environment to enable .NET 3.5. My approach were to always do this manually, but it seems that there’s a sweet feature for this purpose created, automating this process.

As a tip from Jeremy Thake, I’m

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0 Comments 30 September 2008

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In my previous article title "How to: Get up and running with .NET 3.5 in your SharePoint environment" I talked about how you can manually set up your SharePoint environment for use with

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0 Comments 28 September 2008

Since I’ve been a bit on the lazy side when it comes to the blog (due to multiple reasons..), I’m thinking about writing up an article-series where I’ll talk about .NET 3.5 and what it has to offer when used in conjunction with SharePoint. Any input

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0 Comments 22 September 2008

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