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The New Microsoft - Visual Studio Community, Open Source .NET, Expanded Xamarin Partnerships and more

One word. WOW.

Boy am I glad I chose to work with Microsoft technologies back in the day when I had to choose the direction for my professional career. I started with .NET back in 2001 and have been full-time developing solutions and systems based on Microsoft technologies for a

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0 Comments 15 November 2014
Getting Started with Application Insights with Visual Studio 2015 for your ASP.NET Web Applications

Disclaimer: This post was written 2014-11-13, while the Application Insights were still in Beta/Preview. Changes will most likely happen, and therefore some information below may have changed by the time you read this.

Introduction to Microsoft Application Insights

One of the really cool features that was recently announced by

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0 Comments 13 November 2014

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