TechDays 2009 Sweden - Summary of the event

Author: Tobias Zimmergren


I know, it’s a tad late – but better late than never, right?

TechDays 2009 is done for this time around. It was the first TechDays to take off in Sweden, but I surely do hope to see more of those events going on!

"A success for a fully booked TechDays: 2 days, 100 sessions, 100 speakers and 1300 people attending the sessions. Microsoft’s first – and largest – Swedish event for IT Pro’s, developers and IT-managers has come to an end. A lot of appreciated sessions, lots of social networking and evening mingle."

– Microsoft

| Tibi | TechDays 2009 Västerås | TechDays 2009 Västerås  |

Sweden SharePoint User Group / Sweden SharePoint Community

As a representative for the Sweden SharePoint User Group and Sweden SharePoint Community (link), I met a bunch of cool people – as well as signing up a bunch of new members.
I even handed out FREE T-Shirts with the tagline "Sweden SharePoint User Group" written on the back, which was sponsored by BambooSolutions – thanks Bamboo!

We’re constantly growing, and it seems to be a huge interest for the User Group meetings we are providing. It wouldn’t be possible without you – the SharePoint users, editors, designers, administrators, developers, haters and lovers! Thanks.

Community and UG status: 200+ members on the page, and another 600 people on the UG event mailing list who have signed up for

SharePoint rules, and don’t you dare say anything different! ;-)

It’s not all work and business

During the evenings, we all shared a few pints and drinks of golden love (beer/whisky).
I met one of the most interesting and cool guys I’ve ever met, in the first picture below. Then it’s me and Göran Husman sharing a pint, and then during break at the event.

| MVP Tobias Zimmergren and.. Einstein? | MVP Göran Husman, MVP Tobias Zimmergren | MVP Göran Husman |


I did enjoy the TechDays 2009 in Västerås, and I will most definitely be around next time as well!
I do hope to see as many of you Swedish guys and gals as possible there!

Thank you Microsoft for organizing this awesome event. Kudos.

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