TechDays 2011 in Örebro was a great success!

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This week during Tuesday and Wednesday we had one of Sweden’s coolest Microsoft conventions of the year – Microsoft TechDays.

It was a great success with many new acquaintances and some very cool sessions being presented.

Microsoft Awards 2011


This year I was on the jury-board for Microsoft Awards 2011, where we did a thorough job of picking the winning solution in each of the five categories (Web, Phone, Cloud, Client, Student).

It was pretty cool to see all these exciting solutions from all the nominees. There’s some pretty cool and innovative technologies involved in this years winning solutions.

I would definitely urge everyone to submit some cool and innovative solutions to the Microsoft Award 2012 contest that will be presented next year at TechDays 2012.


What’s a good conference without the great sessions from all of our awesome speakers in Sweden? This year at TechDays there were some heavy-duty sessions as well as introductory sessions to cure everybody’s hunger for knowledge!

You can find all the sessions that was presented here in the agenda! The sessions will be uploaded to the site shortly for you to download.

Networking opportunities

If you haven’t been at TechDays and are thinking about going and you’re trying to find suitable reasons for doing so… Then think no more. If you’re like me you’ll make probably attend some of the most interesting sessions and then go around socializing and networking. One of the main aspects of conferences today are the possibilities for growing your network.


Attend TechDays 2012. It’s awesome.

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