Analyze your SharePoint Framework code using SPCAF

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

Over at Rencore we have been super-busy with investigating the new SharePoint Framework lately. Both what it has to offer, and potential pitfalls and challenges.

Related to our success in SharePoint code quality analysis in recent years, we've spent some time on the new SharePoint Framework to make SPCAF work with it, however you choose to use it.

Check out the post by my fellow MVP and Rencore colleague Waldek: The new SharePoint Framework in your organization - better with SPCAF

Code Analysis for SharePoint Framework using SPCAF

Here's a few short teasers we've recorded in order to show you what we're cooking. Any comments, ideas and input is highly appreciated as always.

Integrating SPCAF with Gulp

Integrating SPCAF with Visual Studio Code

Integrating SPCAF with Visual Studio

Get your SharePoint Framework code analysis reports


As mentioned, we're cooking some pretty great things over at Rencore, and there's more to come!

Head on over to and subscribe to our blog in order to follow the development of our offerings.


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