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2020-09-22: Favorite Visual Studio Code Extensions for Azure
2020-09-17: Discover issues with Azure Functions and App Service using Application Insights
2020-09-14: GitHub Actions for Security Code Analysis
2020-09-08: Use the Microsoft Application Inspector to analyze your source code
2020-08-24: Get notified of changes in Azure Key Vault by using Event Grid
2020-07-28: Website security scanning with GitHub Actions and OWASP ZAP
2020-07-20: Use Application Insights for Worker Service applications in .NET Core console apps, containers, and any non-HTTP apps
2020-07-15: Newsletter #3: Stay on top of the Azure Governance game
2020-07-13: Create a custom Azure Security Center recommendation with Azure Policy
2020-07-08: Programmatically create Azure Container Instances and connect a Managed Identity
2020-07-07: Installing Ghost for local development on Windows
2020-07-06: Programmatically create Azure Container Instances in an existing Virtual Network
2020-07-03: Use Azure App Service Diagnostics - Improve performance, best practices, security and more.
2020-06-30: Solving ASP.NET Core running on Azure App Service causing 500.30 ANCM In-Process Start Failure
2020-06-25: Newsletter #2: I am giving away consulting advice for Azure
2020-06-25: I am giving away consulting advice for Azure
2020-06-24: Understanding Azure Policies with Visual Studio Code
2020-06-12: Running .NET 5 on Azure App Services
2020-06-10: Installing .NET 5 using winget, the Windows Package Manager
2020-05-29: Configuring Publisher Verification in Azure Active Directory
2020-05-28: Using Azure Application Change Analysis to discover configuration changes in Azure services
2020-05-20: Installing and using the Windows Package Manager - winget
2020-05-20: ASP.NET Core Blazor with SignalR breaks when used with Cloudflare's HTML minification
2020-05-14: Newsletter #1: Let's talk about code analysis
2020-05-11: Using the Azure Resource Graph to improve your Azure Governance game
2020-05-05: Code analysis tools for Azure developers coding in .NET Core
2020-04-28: Thoughts on Bring Your Own Key, or BYOK, to Azure Container Registry
2020-04-22: How Tokens and Scope Maps for Azure Container Registry introduces great repository-level access restrictions
2020-04-14: Cybersecurity tips for Remote Workers - Get online, stay informed, stay secure!
2020-04-09: How we planned and launched a Podcast - the technical story
2020-04-06: A few tips for securing your remote workforce in a Microsoft cloud landscape
2020-04-03: Best Practices for building and designing Azure Functions
2020-02-12: Re-use service instances by Implementing Dependency Injection in Azure Functions
2020-02-07: Best Practices for security in Azure Container Registry
2020-01-02: Embrace a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for Azure
2019-12-18: Issues with "Cannot bind parameter 'log' to type ILogger." after upgrading Azure Functions to v3
2019-12-17: Use the new Azure SDKs with Managed Identities
2019-12-14: Fixing: Unable to locate the .NET Core SDK. Check that it is installed and that the version specified in global.json (if any) matches the installed version.
2019-12-13: Azure Functions and secure Configuration with built-in integration to Azure Key Vault
2019-11-15: Automate Azure DevOps code security analysis with the Microsoft Security Code Analysis extensions
2019-11-07: Use Azure Monitor to get Network Insights and Storage Insights
2019-10-29: Diagnosing and troubleshooting configuration and application errors in Azure App Services
2019-10-23: We just launched an Azure Podcast
2019-10-04: Deleting Azure Sentinel but keep the ingested data
2019-10-02: Using Azure Key Vault Secrets from your Azure DevOps pipelines
2019-09-30: Log custom application security events in Azure Log Analytics which are ingested and used in Azure Sentinel
2019-09-24: Monitoring Office 365 tenants with Azure Sentinel
2019-09-24: Visualize your templates with the Azure ARM Template Viewer extension for VS Code
2019-09-23: Who accessed my Azure Key Vault?
2019-09-20: Send health pings from your Azure Function applications to ensure Scheduled triggers work as expected
2019-09-18: Run Azure DevOps Unit Tests with the Azure Storage Emulator on Hosted build agents
2019-09-06: Passing AZ-500: Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate
2019-08-30: Use the Azure Portal Desktop App
2019-08-28: Building scalable cloud systems with great performance using Azure Cache for Redis
2019-07-11: Retrieve logs from Application Insights programmatically with .NET Core (C#)
2019-05-07: Introduction to Azure App Configuration for Developers with C# .NET Core
2019-04-10: Azure DevOps (VSTS) - The current operating system is not capable of running this task, with "Azure File Copy"
2019-03-27: Developing using Azure Dev Spaces with Azure Kubernetes Services
2019-03-22: Protecting your Azure Container Registry by denying all requests except from allowed IP addresses
2019-03-18: Building a .NET Core API, host it in Azure Container Instances from a private Container Registry and enable HTTPS using Application Gateway
2019-03-06: AKS: Quickly switching context between multiple clusters in Azure Kubernetes Services with cmder aliases
2019-02-26: Azure Container Instances - Using Managed Identity to access Key Vault secrets with C#
2019-02-20: Azure Container Instances (ACI) and Secrets - Creating secret volumes and consume secrets using C# .NET Core
2019-02-19: Azure Container Instances (ACI) and Secrets - Using Secure Environment Variables
2019-02-18: Azure Container Instances - C# .NET Core apps running as containers in your private Azure Container Registry
2019-02-17: Processing data from SQLite hosted in an Azure File share, running in Azure Kubernetes Services
2019-02-17: How to: Mount an Azure Storage File Share to containers in Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
2018-11-02: Enable Azure Monitor for you Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) cluster
2018-10-30: Building custom Data Collectors for Azure Log Analytics in C#
2018-10-16: Getting Started with BYOK in Azure Storage - Encrypt data at rest with your own encryption keys
2018-10-08: Secure your data in Azure Storage Accounts using RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)
2018-10-07: Secure your Azure Storage Accounts with restrictions based on public IP addresses
2018-10-02: Fixing issue related to Package is not compatible with netcoreapp2.1, supports netstandard2.0, when using Azure DevOps (VSTS)
2018-05-22: What's new in SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Server 2019
2018-03-16: Azure Tip: Installing and using the Azure CLI in Visual Studio Code
2018-03-13: Azure Tip: Running the Azure CLI using Bash on Ubuntu, in Windows 10
2018-03-12: Azure Tip: List of supported VM Sizes in Azure Container Services (AKS)
2018-03-05: Monitoring your Kubernetes cluster running on Azure Container Service (AKS) using Log Analytics
2018-02-20: Azure Container Services (AKS) - Upgrading your Kubernetes cluster
2018-02-20: Azure Container Services (AKS) - Getting Started with AKS and a private Azure Container Registry
2017-11-17: A practical guide to building a Bot using Microsoft Bot Framework using C# and host it in Azure, and use it with Microsoft Teams, Skype and more
2017-11-14: Building and running a .NET Core application in a Docker Swarm in Azure, via Docker Cloud
2017-10-09: Tip: Docker Extension for VSCode
2017-05-14: Microsoft Build 2017 - My Favorite Highlights and Announcements
2017-05-13: Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 008 - Benefits of using Office 365 PnP in your organization, with Eric Overfield
2017-04-24: Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 007 - SharePoint Client Side Development experiences with Mark Rackley
2017-04-05: Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 006 - Office 365 PnP Provisioning Engine with Mikael Svenson
2017-03-25: Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 005 - Microsoft Teams with Maarten Eekels
2017-03-03: Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 004 - SharePoint 2016 and the BI workloads with John White
2017-02-22: Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 003 - Trevor Seward on Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint 2016
2017-02-16: Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 002 - Sahil Malik on Cross Platform Development in the Enterprise
2017-02-02: Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 001 - Talking with Maarten Eekels about News in Office 365 Groups
2016-12-01: Getting the instance id of a running Azure Function with ExecutionContext.InvocationId
2016-12-01: Reuse your C# Script (csx) code in multiple Azure Functions
2016-11-01: Azure Storage REST API: Authenticate with C#
2016-11-01: Using appsettings.json instead of web.config in .NET Core projects
2016-11-01: Running Unit Tests for your .NET Core projects in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
2016-09-27: Microsoft Ignite 2016 - Summary of key announcements for Office 365, SharePoint and Azure from Day 1
2016-09-26: From zero to Hero: Building .NET Core (ASP.NET 5) applications to run inside Docker containers
2016-09-19: Building an ASP.NET 5 web application (.NET Core) and host it in the Heroku cloud
2016-09-17: Building a MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJs, Angular and Node.js) api app using TypeScript and host it with Heroku
2016-08-28: Azure Resource Manager Template Visualisation with ARMVIZ
2016-08-28: Azure Resource Manager tools for Visual Studio Code
2016-08-25: Webinars: SharePoint Framework with Microsoft's Bill Baer and Vesa Juvonen
2016-05-13: Azure Resource Manager - Part 8 - Export Template for Resources in a Resource Group with the REST API
2016-05-12: Azure Resource Manager - Part 7 - Download an Azure Publishing Profile (xml) programmatically using REST
2016-05-11: Azure Resource Manager - Part 6 - Move Azure Resources from one Resource Group to another
2016-05-04: Analyze your SharePoint Framework code using SPCAF
2016-05-04: Introducing the SharePoint Framework - The new developer experience for SharePoint
2016-05-04: The Future of SharePoint - it's here!
2016-04-11: Developing with Azure Resource Manager - Part 5 - Tip: Get all available api-version alternatives for the ARM endpoints
2016-04-02: Developing with Azure Resource Manager - Part 4 - Tip: Azure Resource Explorer
2016-02-21: Collab365 Solutions Days: My session about SPCAF and SharePoint & Office 365 Transformation Guidance
2016-02-21: Developing with Azure Resource Manager - Part 3 - Build an application using C# which is using the Azure Resource Manager API's
2016-02-20: Developing with Azure Resource Manager - Part 2 - Getting started with the AzureRm PowerShell cmdlets
2016-02-20: Developing with Azure Resource Manager - Part 1 - Creating a Service Principal for your AAD using PowerShell
2016-02-20: Developing with Azure Resource Manager - Introduction to blog series
2016-02-18: Automating Software Installations with Boxstarter and Chocolatey
2016-01-04: Dev tip: Use Requestbin for easy analysis and debugging when developing your webhooks, connectors, API's and applications
2015-10-05: Creating an ASP.NET 5 site with Visual Studio Code - Part 3: Adding npm packages and automating tasks with Gulp (adding Office UI Fabric)
2015-10-01: Creating an ASP.NET 5 site with Visual Studio Code - Part 2: Create your Visual Studio Code project using Yeoman
2015-10-01: Creating an ASP.NET 5 site with Visual Studio Code - Part 1: Ensure pre-requisites
2015-07-28: Office 365 Dev Tip - Office 365 Patterns and Practices - Notes from the field
2015-07-28: Office 365 Dev Tip - Getting Add-in (App) Information for Add-ins (Apps) on a specific Web
2015-07-27: Office 365 Dev Tip - Getting all Apps from your Tenant App Catalog using the Office 365 (CSOM) API
2015-07-27: Office 365 Dev Tip - Retrieve all tenant-level WebTemplates in your Office 365 tenant using CSOM
2015-07-26: Office 365 Dev Tip - Get Subsite Count per Site Collection with the Office 365 (CSOM) API
2015-05-04: Microsoft Office 2016 reaches Public Preview for Home/Consumer and Enterprise
2015-05-04: Highlights from the recent announcements at BUILD 2015
2015-05-03: Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference in May 2015–A free online conference
2015-04-13: Integrate SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) in your TeamCity build configurations–Improving your SharePoint and Office 365 ALM
2015-02-03: Office 365 API Sandbox - Learn how to use the API's with your own tenant data!
2015-01-09: Getting Started with building Azure WebJobs ("Timer Jobs") for your Office 365 sites
2014-11-15: The New Microsoft - Visual Studio Community, Open Source .NET, Expanded Xamarin Partnerships and more
2014-11-13: Getting Started with Application Insights with Visual Studio 2015 for your ASP.NET Web Applications
2014-10-30: Extending Windows Azure Mobile Services queries to include relational data and optional metadata
2014-10-30: Reflections on being a worker in a mobile- and cloud first world
2014-10-16: Microsoft Ignite - the new consolidated conference!
2014-09-13: Integrating the Google Analytics API in SharePoint in order to enable users to review analytics data directly
2014-06-26: "First Release" for Office 365
2014-06-26: Microsoft releases the Office 365 roadmap - and keeps it up to date
2014-05-26: Getting started with Office 365 development - Part 4 - From development to production: Publish your app to Windows Azure Web Sites
2014-05-18: Getting started with Office 365 development - Part 3 - Building a sample Web Forms application that integrates with Office 365
2014-05-11: Getting started with Office 365 development - Part 2 - Communicate with the Exchange REST API
2014-05-10: Getting started with Office 365 development - Part 1 - Setting up your environment
2014-04-29: Improvements for Microsoft OneDrive for Business
2014-04-09: How do I know which version of Office 365 I should use? - The Office 365 Selector Tool comes to the rescue
2014-04-03: Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013 just got put on hold - attention! (Update: Now available again)
2014-03-05: Building Apps for SharePoint in Office 365 using Access 2013
2014-03-04: The future of Forms with SharePoint and Office 365
2014-03-04: Social tool enhancements in the enterprise with Office 365, but not for SharePoint on-premises
2014-03-03: Visual Studio 2013 March 2014 Update has been released
2014-03-01: Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2013 and Office 2013 released
2014-02-27: Visual Studio Online - Let's you leverage the cloud for your development projects
2014-01-18: Tools for your SharePoint 2013 development toolbox
2014-01-17: Tip: Getting the normal domain username from the claims username in SharePoint 2013
2013-12-11: Automating SharePoint Development - Iterative Development Process
2013-11-07: Preparing for upgrade to SharePoint 2013 - Iterative Upgrade Process
2013-09-16: Tip: Work Management Service Application keeps telling us "Last updated at 1/1/1901 12:00 AM" fixes
2013-09-16: FindBestContentDatabaseForSiteCreation() problem after upgrading to SharePoint 2013 - Solution
2013-06-15: SP 2013: Extending the SuiteBarDelegateControl by adding the Title Breadcrumb control
2013-03-30: SP 2013: Getting started with the new Geolocation field in SharePoint 2013
2013-03-24: Upgrading your SharePoint 2010 Visual Studio projects and solutions to SharePoint 2013
2013-03-21: SP 2013: Duplicate field name was found after upgrading your SharePoint 2010 solutions to SharePoint 2013
2013-01-20: SP 2013: Tip - Change the "SharePoint" text in the top left corner.
2013-01-19: SP 2013: Some new DelegateControl additions to the SharePoint 2013 master pages
2012-12-28: SP 2013: Measuring performance on the JSLink property in SharePoint 2013
2012-12-26: SP 2013: Searching in SharePoint 2013 using the REST new API's
2012-12-26: SP 2013: The HTTP header ACCEPT is missing or its value is invalid - solution
2012-12-25: SP 2013: Using the JSLink property to change the way your field or views are rendered in SharePoint 2013
2012-12-25: Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 - Recap
2012-10-12: Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 finally reached RTM!
2012-08-21: SharePoint 2013: Business Connectivity Services - Talking to your external lists using REST
2012-08-15: - Discussion Forum software for your SharePoint sites
2012-08-12: SharePoint 2013: Business Connectivity Services – Consuming OData in BCS using an App External Content Type
2012-08-09: SharePoint 2013: Business Connectivity Services (BCS) improvements - Introduction
2012-07-16: SharePoint 2013 - Microsoft announces the new versions of SharePoint and Office
2012-06-12: SP 2010: Customizing the forms for External Lists (BCS) in SharePoint 2010 by using Custom Field Controls and jQuery
2012-06-03: Extending the LINQ to SharePoint context to allow additional fields and properties in your queries
2012-02-24: Hosted Microsoft TFS - Team Foundation Service - Part 4: Connect your project to TFS and create a build definition
2012-02-23: Hosted Microsoft TFS - Team Foundation Service - Part 3: Configure a build server to work with TFSpreview
2011-12-29: Hosted Microsoft TFS - Team Foundation Service - Part 2: Connect your development rig
2011-12-29: Getting Started with Debugger Canvas - An aid in your daily development (debugging) tasks
2011-12-28: Conditionally Enable or Disable a Button/Command in your SharePoint 2010 custom Ribbon group
2011-12-28: Hosted Microsoft TFS - Team Foundation Service - Part 1: Getting Started
2011-08-16: SP 2010: Developing for performance Part 8 - Control that ViewState
2011-06-14: SP 2010: Developing for SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure - Part 1
2011-06-12: Office 365 - Part 2: Getting started with Office 365
2011-06-12: Office 365 - Part 1: What is Office 365 and how can my organization benefit from using it?
2011-05-09: SP 2010: Developing for performance part 7 - Crunching those scripts
2011-04-21: SharePoint Best Practice conference in London 2011 session download
2011-04-08: SP 2010: Developing for performance Part 6 - CSS Sprites
2011-04-05: SharePoint Best Practices conference in London - here we go!
2011-01-31: SP 2010: Developing for performance Part 5 - Disposal patterns and tools
2011-01-17: SP 2010: Developing for performance Part 4 - Logging
2011-01-09: SP 2010: Developing for performance Part 3 - Caching in SharePoint 2010
2010-12-21: SP 2010: Developing for performance Part 2 - SPMonitoredScope
2010-12-18: SP 2010: Developing for performance Part 1 - Developer Dashboard
2010-10-22: SEF 2010 - A recap
2010-10-12: SEF 2010 approaching
2010-09-07: SP 2010: Web Application settings (web.config) modifications in SharePoint 2010 via code
2010-09-03: SP 2010: Find error messages with a Correlation ID token in SharePoint 2010
2010-08-30: SP 2010: Developing with the Word Automation Services in SharePoint Server 2010
2010-08-28: SP 2010: Introduction to programmatically working with Taxonomies in SharePoint Server 2010
2010-08-12: CKS : Developer Tools – A tool for your toolbox
2010-08-11: MCPD: SharePoint track
2010-08-01: Book: SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Action
2010-06-26: SP 2010: Custom RSS provider for your Business Connectivity Services (BCS) connected External Lists
2010-06-18: Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools - Released
2010-06-10: SP 2010: Uploading files using the Client OM in SharePoint 2010
2010-06-09: SP 2010: BCS problem with AuthenticationMode and RevertToSelf
2010-06-08: SP 2010: How to create a PowerShell Snapin Cmdlet - Part 2
2010-06-07: SP 2010: How to create a PowerShell Snapin - Part 1
2010-05-23: SharePoint 2010 - The Developer Tour Malmö - Recap
2010-05-08: Access denied by Business Data Connectivity - Solution
2010-04-22: SharePoint Evolution Conference, London
2010-04-15: SharePoint 2010 - The Developer Tour (Sweden)
2010-04-13: SP 2010: SharePoint Server 2010 - Creating a custom Document ID provider
2010-03-29: SP 2010: Site Collection Keep-Alive Job now available by AC
2010-03-28: SP 2010: Certification exam details for SharePoint 2010 published
2010-03-21: SP 2010: Validate Sandboxed Solutions using SPSolutionValidator
2010-03-17: SP 2010: Dynamically displaying messages to your users with the Notification and Status bar areas in SharePoint 2010
2010-03-17: You will find me at these coming SharePoint events in the near future!
2010-02-19: SP 2010: LINQ to SharePoint - What CAML lies behind my query?
2010-02-19: SP 2010: Getting started with LINQ to SharePoint in SharePoint 2010
2010-01-21: SP 2010: Programmatically work with External Lists (BCS) using the Client Object Model
2010-01-19: SP 2010: Programmatically work with External Lists (BCS) in SharePoint 2010
2010-01-18: SP 2010: Getting started with Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in SharePoint 2010
2010-01-06: SP 2010: How To - Relational lists in SharePoint 2010
2010-01-05: SP 2010: How To - Event Receivers and Custom Error Pages
2010-01-04: SP 2010: List Joins & SPQuery enchancements!
2010-01-04: My most popular SharePoint posts of 2009
2009-12-22: Merry Christmas and a Happy New SharePoint Year
2009-12-04: SP 2010: Presentations from SharePoint & Exchange Forum in Sweden
2009-11-30: SP 2010: Getting started with the Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010
2009-10-27: SharePoint 2010: Getting Started with Development on SharePoint 2010
2009-09-14: SharePoint Saturday Copenhagen – Code samples
2009-09-12: SharePoint Books: Recommended Reading
2009-09-01: TOZIT SharePoint Discussion Forum solution for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 released today!
2009-08-26: SharePoint Saturday Copenhagen - Recap
2009-08-21: SharePoint Saturday Copenhagen - 1 day left
2009-08-15: Microsoft SharePoint Conference - Info and Sneak Peaks
2009-08-14: What is SharePoint - A simple explanation
2009-08-11: SPTraceView - Easy overview of the SharePoint logs (ULS logs)
2009-08-04: SharePoint Saturday Copenhagen - Meet me there
2009-07-25: SharePoint BDC Part 2: Creating your first BDC Web Part
2009-07-14: Twenty (20) Rich Text Editors to use in your applications
2009-07-14: SharePoint 2010: Developer Documentation and Protocol Documentation
2009-07-14: SharePoint 2010 Sneak-Peak videos are officially out
2009-07-08: Using the object model to access and change RSS settings on a SharePoint list
2009-06-29: Tip: Convering your Virtual PC 2007 disks to Windows Virtual PC (on Windows 7)
2009-06-29: SharePoint: Recommended links June 2009
2009-06-25: SharePoint BDC Part 1: Getting Started with the Business Data Catalog
2009-06-05: Debugging your code execution for anonymous users in SharePoint
2009-05-18: Recover/fetch the Application Pool password
2009-05-12: SharePoint Server 2010 preliminary requirements
2009-05-03: WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007 Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.5
2009-04-28: WSS and MOSS: Service Pack 2 Released Today!
2009-04-24: Recommended articles related to SharePoint
2009-04-23: This is what my current setup is like for my virtual development machines!
2009-04-18: How to: Programmatically remove a Field (SPField) from a view (SPView)
2009-04-18: How to: Upload a file/document using the SharePoint Object Model
2009-04-18: WSPBuilder supports Windows Server 2008
2009-04-08: WSPBuilder - Walkthrough of the Visual Studio Add-in
2009-04-02: Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 is now officially FREE
2009-03-23: Ten (10) Free SharePoint Themes - Visual Overview
2009-03-11: SharePoint Online - Customization - Part 2
2009-03-01: SharePoint Ramp Up – Part 2
2009-02-21: VSeWSS v1.3 - Feb 2009 CTP released
2009-02-20: Microsoft SharePoint Online Service Level Agreement (SLA)
2009-02-16: Microsoft Online Services Release Notes
2009-02-12: SharePoint Online – A first look
2009-02-05: Backing up your local Subversion repositories using Live Mesh
2009-02-04: SharePoint Diagnostics Tool (SPDiag) – Released today
2009-02-01: Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services – 1.3
2009-01-31: Swedish SharePoint Communities – Now we’re talking
2009-01-30: SPDisposeCheck tool finally released – get your code straight!
2009-01-25: Starting a SharePoint workflow from code (Event Receiver)
2009-01-17: SharePoint development environment now running Windows 7
2009-01-08: Developing and customizing on top of SharePoint Online (in the cloud)
2009-01-05: Custom list definitions with custom forms – changing master page
2008-12-11: How To: SharePoint and Silverlight 2.0 – Part 1
2008-11-29: How To: Custom Web Part Properties (ToolPart)
2008-11-28: I can (Windows) Azure you – Song
2008-11-16: Microsoft Office Systems 2007 – Service Pack 2
2008-11-09: Leaving for TechEd EMEA 2008 – Developers
2008-10-27: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 – CTP – Download now!
2008-10-18: CKS EBE – Comments Manager – Version
2008-10-16: CKS EBE – Comments Manager
2008-10-07: Web Part Caching – A simple approach
2008-10-03: I’m a Microsoft MVP
2008-09-30: SharePoint .NET 3.5 auto-configuration – escape the manual overhead!
2008-09-28: How to: LINQ with SharePoint - .NET 3.5 Framework with SharePoint Part 2
2008-09-22: How to: Get up and running with .NET 3.5 in your SharePoint environment
2008-08-27: Microsoft Tech·Ed EMEA 2008 - Developer
2008-08-12: SharePoint Forum and SharePoint Forum Web Part
2008-07-26: U2U CAML Query Builder - New version out
2008-07-21: What browser do you use?
2008-07-16: Infrastructure updates for MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0
2008-06-25: SharePoint's hidden user-list - User Information List
2008-06-10: Back on track
2008-05-17: SharePoint Virtual Images from Microsoft
2008-05-16: Forum WebPart, Egypt and new litterature
2008-05-05: How To: Easily construct your CAML queries with CAML Query Builder
2008-05-04: Introduction to SharePoint Queries
2008-05-02: SPQuery returning all items
2008-04-29: SharePoint Forums WebPart : What's going on?
2008-04-15: Forum Web Part for SharePoint
2008-04-09: Pingback/Trackback hell with EBE 2.0 Final
2008-04-09: Tip: RequestAccessEnabled programatically using the SharePoint Object Model
2008-04-01: CKS:Enhanced Blog Edition - Enable Search
2008-03-27: Stress Testing SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio 2008
2008-03-24: SharePoint-related blogs running on SharePoint and the Enhanced Blog Edition community kit
2008-03-19: How To: Get up and running with the Silverlight 2.0 Blueprints for SharePoint 2007
2008-03-17: New Blog: WSS 3.0 SP1 + Win Server 2008
2008-03-14: Silverlight 1.0 seamless integration with SharePoint 2007 complete!
2008-03-13: Bluescreen of Death on my VPC
2008-03-13: MOSS 2007: Creating a custom AJAX UserControl that will query the SharePoint Search Query Object Model to perform searches
2008-03-09: SharePoint Cross List Queries in a custom UserControl
2008-03-03: Silverlight (2.0) Blueprints for SharePoint
2008-02-05: Windows Live Alerts - Now on your blog or website
2008-01-10: MOSS 2007: Using AJAX UserControls in SharePoint
2008-01-05: MOSS 2007: Add support for AJAX in your SharePoint installation
2007-12-17: Update to what's going on
2007-11-09: Silverlight and SharePoint integration
2007-11-06: Silverlight with Ian Blackburn
2007-10-28: MOSS 2007: Customize the Search Result (using XSLT) - Part 3 - Customize using SharePoint Designer 2007
2007-10-26: All certifications passed successfully - Let's get on the blogging-train again!
2007-09-13: MOSS 2007: Configure Document Conversion for your server
2007-09-01: MOSS 2007: Customizing the Search Results Page (XSLT) - Part 2 - Add highlighting
2007-08-25: MOSS 2007: Connect a custom Search Page to a custom Search Scope
2007-08-23: MOSS 2007: Customize the Search Result (using XSLT)
2007-07-27: Great News - post-backups
2007-07-24: Role-Based Templates for SharePoint My Sites
2007-05-09: Simple Excel Services - Step by step, publishing a spreadsheet to SharePoint 2007
2007-04-18: Zimmergren VSTO Tip #1: Extend the Ribbon-menu in Word 2007
2007-04-07: Zimmergren MOSS 2007 Tip #3: Publishing and displaying an InfoPath form in the browser
2007-04-05: Zimmergren MOSS 2007 Tip #2: Retrieve stuff by code
2007-03-18: Zimmergren MOSS 2007 Tip #1: Anonymous Access
2007-02-14: Configure aliases for your web-applications in MOSS 2007
2007-01-08: SharePoint 2007 - Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Solutions
2006-12-13: A reflection tool for SP 2007, SharePoint Inspector
2006-12-13: WSS v3.0: Import an ASP.NET Web Part to your Windows SharePoint Services Site
2006-11-16: MOSS 2007: Search and Indexing
2006-10-06: What's new in WSS 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007
2006-09-28: Creating a custom Master Page for your MOSS 2007 portals and sites
2006-09-27: What are Master Pages and why would you use them?
2006-09-26: Welcome to my new blog