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Azure Container Services (AKS) - Upgrading your Kubernetes cluster

While working a lot with AKS and Kubernetes the last couple of months, I've found it to be a pretty slick experience using the CLI even if it still has some room for improvement.

The question of how to upgrade Kubernetes running in an Azure AKS cluster came up a

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0 Comments 20 February 2018
Azure Container Services (AKS) - Getting Started with AKS and a private Azure Container Registry

This article will talk a little bit about how to get started with the new Azure Container Services (AKS). In recent months I've put quite some efforts into AKS and put it through the ring of fire and rigorous tests. So far, so good.

With my R&D I've

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0 Comments 20 February 2018
A practical guide to building a Bot using Microsoft Bot Framework using C# and host it in Azure, and use it with Microsoft Teams, Skype and more

1. Introduction

In this post we'll explore how easy it is to actually build a bot for Microsoft Teams using the Microsoft Bot Framework, which can be found here https://dev.botframework.com.

This post is meant as a starting point for building bots and conversational helpers using the Microsoft

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0 Comments 17 November 2017
Building and running a .NET Core application in a Docker Swarm in Azure, via Docker Cloud


In this article I'll walk you through how to set up a Docker Swarm in Azure through the Docker Cloud service.

There's plenty of places to host your docker containers, in this post I'm covering the Docker Cloud option with the Swarm Mode on Azure. I will soon post

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0 Comments 14 November 2017
Tip: Docker Extension for VSCode

I've been spending a lot of time with .NET Core, Docker, a plenitude of Azure services, various cloud systems and API's. The common denominator of all my projects of late, is that they're all touching Docker in one way or the other.

With Docker there's plenty of ways to do

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0 Comments 09 October 2017
Microsoft Build 2017 - My Favorite Highlights and Announcements

If you're in this sphere, I am pretty sure you've also been either attending on-site, virtually attending or at least heard about what Build 2017 from Microsoft had to offer last week.

With this post I simply want to emphasize on some of the features and announcements that Microsoft did

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0 Comments 14 May 2017
Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 008 - Benefits of using Office 365 PnP in your organization, with Eric Overfield

Note. This episode was recorded 2017-02-19

This time I’m catching up with Eric Overfield. We're talking about the benefits of using Office 365 Patterns and Practices in your organization, and what it has to offer. Eric is sharing his best tips on what the core benefits are, where to

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0 Comments 13 May 2017
Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 007 - SharePoint Client Side Development experiences with Mark Rackley

Note. This episode was recorded 2017-02-14

This time I'm catching up with an old friend and fellow Microsoft MVP, Mark Rackley. We're talking about some of his experiences and tips around Client Side Development for SharePoint.

Episode Guest, Mark Rackley

Mark is Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at PAIT Group

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0 Comments 24 April 2017
Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 006 - Office 365 PnP Provisioning Engine with Mikael Svenson

Note. This episode was recorded 2016-12-08.

I'm catching up with Mikael Svenson, and in this episode Mikael gives us some insights into how he's been using the Office 365 PnP Provisioning Engine in a few of his projects.

Episode Guest, Mikael Svenson

Mikael Svenson is a principal consultant for Puzzlepart,

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0 Comments 05 April 2017
Rencore Tech Talks - Episode 005 - Microsoft Teams with Maarten Eekels

Note. This episode was recorded 2016-12-08.

I’m catching up with Maarten Eekels on Microsoft Teams. As of this post, Microsoft Teams has been released in General Availability. As of the recording, it was still in a preview.

Episode Guest, Maarten Eekels

Maarten Eekels (@maarteneekels is Microsoft MVP and CTO

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0 Comments 25 March 2017

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