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A practical guide to building a Bot using Microsoft Bot Framework using C# and host it in Azure, and use it with Microsoft Teams, Skype and more

1. Introduction

In this post we'll explore how easy it is to actually build a bot for Microsoft Teams using the Microsoft Bot Framework, which can be found here https://dev.botframework.com.

This post is meant as a starting point for building bots and conversational helpers using the Microsoft

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0 Comments 17 November 2017
Building and running a .NET Core application in a Docker Swarm in Azure, via Docker Cloud


In this article I'll walk you through how to set up a Docker Swarm in Azure through the Docker Cloud service.

There's plenty of places to host your docker containers, in this post I'm covering the Docker Cloud option with the Swarm Mode on Azure. I will soon post

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0 Comments 14 November 2017
Getting the instance id of a running Azure Function with ExecutionContext.InvocationId

Recently I had a discussion about Azure Functions, the pros and cons, and running multiple instances of batch processing simultaneously.

One of the immediate questions that came up in that discussion was; In the built-in logs you see in the streaming log service or in the log console, how do

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0 Comments 01 December 2016
Reuse your C# Script (csx) code in multiple Azure Functions

Azure Functions hit GA (General Availability) recently. A big milestone for the Azure Functions team, and I'm happy to see that it's finally out of Preview.

Lately I've been working a lot with various parts of Azure to find the best fit for various busines cases. Functions has been one

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0 Comments 01 December 2016
Azure Storage REST API: Authenticate with C#

In one of my projects where I've been refactoring a traditional .NET project into a .NET Core project, I used the Azure Storage nugets. As of this posting, the current version of the NuGet supports .NET Core which is awesome - but the dependencies doesn't.

Why is this a problem?

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0 Comments 01 November 2016
Microsoft Ignite 2016 - Summary of key announcements for Office 365, SharePoint and Azure from Day 1

In the flood of announcements from Ignite 2016 today, I noted down my favorites about Office 365, Azure and SharePoint. Enjoy.

SharePoint Server Announcements

I only found one interesting SharePoint Server announcement today, and that was the announcement about Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016.

The Feature Pack contains

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0 Comments 27 September 2016
Azure Resource Manager Template Visualisation with ARMVIZ

Here's another quick tip for those of you, like me, working with the Azure Resource Manager in various ways. If you're designing templates, there's a pretty slick template visualization tool available called ARMVIZ.

Edit and Visualize your ARM templates

It's pretty basic and simplistic. It gives you an overview of

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0 Comments 28 August 2016
Azure Resource Manager - Part 8 - Export Template for Resources in a Resource Group with the REST API


This blog post will be about how to in the easiest way possible (well, as a developer anyway) export a JSON template from the Azure Resource Manager.

If you're using the ARM (Azure Resource Manager) just like me and you aare automating a lot of tasks and deployments -

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0 Comments 13 May 2016
Azure Resource Manager - Part 7 - Download an Azure Publishing Profile (xml) programmatically using REST


Around the web there's a lot of tips on how you can manually download the publishing profile for e.g. a Web Site, API App or other resource in Azure.

From the modern Azure Portal this is very simple from the UI:

Download Publishing Profile for Web App

However, one of the main things I've

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0 Comments 12 May 2016
Azure Resource Manager - Part 6 - Move Azure Resources from one Resource Group to another

In the past recent months I've been turning inside out on various parts of Azure, including the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and what it offers.

If you're looking for the basics of getting started, please check out the other posts in this article series. Start here.


I love how

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0 Comments 11 May 2016

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