Azure Tip: List of supported VM Sizes in Azure Container Services (AKS)

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

Here comes a short tip of the day post about AKS.

A common ask from people in the community and end customers using the Azure Container Services is to know what VM-sizes are supported by AKS. Not all services and regions offer support for all sizes, and sometimes it's a bit tricky to get to know which Azure service has support for what size of VM's.

Looking for this information myself, I came across some details in the GitHub repository for the Microsoft Azure Container Service Client, and found this enumeration that contains the supported VM sizes in a python enumeration.

Also, as per the Issue on GitHub here there's some work being done on it. However if you're not using Bash, the list below (or updated in the file from the link above) can be a good starting point for you to figure out what sizes are available in AKS.

Note if using bash, you can use the CLI auto complete functionality to get it straight into your cmdline (using TAB TAB)

Not all VM sizes are available in AKS as of this writing, so the subset below has been extremely helpful in figuring out the best balance for my own setups.

Update 2018-02-26: B-series support announced: Microsoft announced that AKS now also supports B-series support in AKS

Update 2019-03-25: Updated references in this blog post to an updated list of supported VM Sizes, and updated link to the source code containing the enumeration.

standard_a1 = "Standard_A1"
standard_a10 = "Standard_A10"
standard_a11 = "Standard_A11"
standard_a1_v2 = "Standard_A1_v2"
standard_a2 = "Standard_A2"
standard_a2_v2 = "Standard_A2_v2"
standard_a2m_v2 = "Standard_A2m_v2"
standard_a3 = "Standard_A3"
standard_a4 = "Standard_A4"
standard_a4_v2 = "Standard_A4_v2"
standard_a4m_v2 = "Standard_A4m_v2"
standard_a5 = "Standard_A5"
standard_a6 = "Standard_A6"
standard_a7 = "Standard_A7"
standard_a8 = "Standard_A8"
standard_a8_v2 = "Standard_A8_v2"
standard_a8m_v2 = "Standard_A8m_v2"
standard_a9 = "Standard_A9"
standard_b2ms = "Standard_B2ms"
standard_b2s = "Standard_B2s"
standard_b4ms = "Standard_B4ms"
standard_b8ms = "Standard_B8ms"
standard_d1 = "Standard_D1"
standard_d11 = "Standard_D11"
standard_d11_v2 = "Standard_D11_v2"
standard_d11_v2_promo = "Standard_D11_v2_Promo"
standard_d12 = "Standard_D12"
standard_d12_v2 = "Standard_D12_v2"
standard_d12_v2_promo = "Standard_D12_v2_Promo"
standard_d13 = "Standard_D13"
standard_d13_v2 = "Standard_D13_v2"
standard_d13_v2_promo = "Standard_D13_v2_Promo"
standard_d14 = "Standard_D14"
standard_d14_v2 = "Standard_D14_v2"
standard_d14_v2_promo = "Standard_D14_v2_Promo"
standard_d15_v2 = "Standard_D15_v2"
standard_d16_v3 = "Standard_D16_v3"
standard_d16s_v3 = "Standard_D16s_v3"
standard_d1_v2 = "Standard_D1_v2"
standard_d2 = "Standard_D2"
standard_d2_v2 = "Standard_D2_v2"
standard_d2_v2_promo = "Standard_D2_v2_Promo"
standard_d2_v3 = "Standard_D2_v3"
standard_d2s_v3 = "Standard_D2s_v3"
standard_d3 = "Standard_D3"
standard_d32_v3 = "Standard_D32_v3"
standard_d32s_v3 = "Standard_D32s_v3"
standard_d3_v2 = "Standard_D3_v2"
standard_d3_v2_promo = "Standard_D3_v2_Promo"
standard_d4 = "Standard_D4"
standard_d4_v2 = "Standard_D4_v2"
standard_d4_v2_promo = "Standard_D4_v2_Promo"
standard_d4_v3 = "Standard_D4_v3"
standard_d4s_v3 = "Standard_D4s_v3"
standard_d5_v2 = "Standard_D5_v2"
standard_d5_v2_promo = "Standard_D5_v2_Promo"
standard_d64_v3 = "Standard_D64_v3"
standard_d64s_v3 = "Standard_D64s_v3"
standard_d8_v3 = "Standard_D8_v3"
standard_d8s_v3 = "Standard_D8s_v3"
standard_ds1 = "Standard_DS1"
standard_ds11 = "Standard_DS11"
standard_ds11_v2 = "Standard_DS11_v2"
standard_ds11_v2_promo = "Standard_DS11_v2_Promo"
standard_ds12 = "Standard_DS12"
standard_ds12_v2 = "Standard_DS12_v2"
standard_ds12_v2_promo = "Standard_DS12_v2_Promo"
standard_ds13 = "Standard_DS13"
standard_ds13_2_v2 = "Standard_DS13-2_v2"
standard_ds13_4_v2 = "Standard_DS13-4_v2"
standard_ds13_v2 = "Standard_DS13_v2"
standard_ds13_v2_promo = "Standard_DS13_v2_Promo"
standard_ds14 = "Standard_DS14"
standard_ds14_4_v2 = "Standard_DS14-4_v2"
standard_ds14_8_v2 = "Standard_DS14-8_v2"
standard_ds14_v2 = "Standard_DS14_v2"
standard_ds14_v2_promo = "Standard_DS14_v2_Promo"
standard_ds15_v2 = "Standard_DS15_v2"
standard_ds1_v2 = "Standard_DS1_v2"
standard_ds2 = "Standard_DS2"
standard_ds2_v2 = "Standard_DS2_v2"
standard_ds2_v2_promo = "Standard_DS2_v2_Promo"
standard_ds3 = "Standard_DS3"
standard_ds3_v2 = "Standard_DS3_v2"
standard_ds3_v2_promo = "Standard_DS3_v2_Promo"
standard_ds4 = "Standard_DS4"
standard_ds4_v2 = "Standard_DS4_v2"
standard_ds4_v2_promo = "Standard_DS4_v2_Promo"
standard_ds5_v2 = "Standard_DS5_v2"
standard_ds5_v2_promo = "Standard_DS5_v2_Promo"
standard_e16_v3 = "Standard_E16_v3"
standard_e16s_v3 = "Standard_E16s_v3"
standard_e2_v3 = "Standard_E2_v3"
standard_e2s_v3 = "Standard_E2s_v3"
standard_e32_16s_v3 = "Standard_E32-16s_v3"
standard_e32_8s_v3 = "Standard_E32-8s_v3"
standard_e32_v3 = "Standard_E32_v3"
standard_e32s_v3 = "Standard_E32s_v3"
standard_e4_v3 = "Standard_E4_v3"
standard_e4s_v3 = "Standard_E4s_v3"
standard_e64_16s_v3 = "Standard_E64-16s_v3"
standard_e64_32s_v3 = "Standard_E64-32s_v3"
standard_e64_v3 = "Standard_E64_v3"
standard_e64s_v3 = "Standard_E64s_v3"
standard_e8_v3 = "Standard_E8_v3"
standard_e8s_v3 = "Standard_E8s_v3"
standard_f1 = "Standard_F1"
standard_f16 = "Standard_F16"
standard_f16s = "Standard_F16s"
standard_f16s_v2 = "Standard_F16s_v2"
standard_f1s = "Standard_F1s"
standard_f2 = "Standard_F2"
standard_f2s = "Standard_F2s"
standard_f2s_v2 = "Standard_F2s_v2"
standard_f32s_v2 = "Standard_F32s_v2"
standard_f4 = "Standard_F4"
standard_f4s = "Standard_F4s"
standard_f4s_v2 = "Standard_F4s_v2"
standard_f64s_v2 = "Standard_F64s_v2"
standard_f72s_v2 = "Standard_F72s_v2"
standard_f8 = "Standard_F8"
standard_f8s = "Standard_F8s"
standard_f8s_v2 = "Standard_F8s_v2"
standard_g1 = "Standard_G1"
standard_g2 = "Standard_G2"
standard_g3 = "Standard_G3"
standard_g4 = "Standard_G4"
standard_g5 = "Standard_G5"
standard_gs1 = "Standard_GS1"
standard_gs2 = "Standard_GS2"
standard_gs3 = "Standard_GS3"
standard_gs4 = "Standard_GS4"
standard_gs4_4 = "Standard_GS4-4"
standard_gs4_8 = "Standard_GS4-8"
standard_gs5 = "Standard_GS5"
standard_gs5_16 = "Standard_GS5-16"
standard_gs5_8 = "Standard_GS5-8"
standard_h16 = "Standard_H16"
standard_h16m = "Standard_H16m"
standard_h16mr = "Standard_H16mr"
standard_h16r = "Standard_H16r"
standard_h8 = "Standard_H8"
standard_h8m = "Standard_H8m"
standard_l16s = "Standard_L16s"
standard_l32s = "Standard_L32s"
standard_l4s = "Standard_L4s"
standard_l8s = "Standard_L8s"
standard_m128_32ms = "Standard_M128-32ms"
standard_m128_64ms = "Standard_M128-64ms"
standard_m128ms = "Standard_M128ms"
standard_m128s = "Standard_M128s"
standard_m64_16ms = "Standard_M64-16ms"
standard_m64_32ms = "Standard_M64-32ms"
standard_m64ms = "Standard_M64ms"
standard_m64s = "Standard_M64s"
standard_nc12 = "Standard_NC12"
standard_nc12s_v2 = "Standard_NC12s_v2"
standard_nc12s_v3 = "Standard_NC12s_v3"
standard_nc24 = "Standard_NC24"
standard_nc24r = "Standard_NC24r"
standard_nc24rs_v2 = "Standard_NC24rs_v2"
standard_nc24rs_v3 = "Standard_NC24rs_v3"
standard_nc24s_v2 = "Standard_NC24s_v2"
standard_nc24s_v3 = "Standard_NC24s_v3"
standard_nc6 = "Standard_NC6"
standard_nc6s_v2 = "Standard_NC6s_v2"
standard_nc6s_v3 = "Standard_NC6s_v3"
standard_nd12s = "Standard_ND12s"
standard_nd24rs = "Standard_ND24rs"
standard_nd24s = "Standard_ND24s"
standard_nd6s = "Standard_ND6s"
standard_nv12 = "Standard_NV12"
standard_nv24 = "Standard_NV24"
standard_nv6 = "Standard_NV6"

Of course, another trick is to just go to your Azure Portal and see what's available when you create AKS, but it's a lot more cumbersome and it isn't my favorite way to do it since I live in the Azure CLI.

List all SKU's

With the Azure CLI, you can also list all SKU's/VM Sizes:

az vm list-skus --location westeurope

Though, it's currently not filtering on the service (AKS). Docs here:



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