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Azure Resource Manager Template Visualisation with ARMVIZ

Here's another quick tip for those of you, like me, working with the Azure Resource Manager in various ways. If you're designing templates, there's a pretty slick template visualization tool available called ARMVIZ.

Edit and Visualize your ARM templates

It's pretty basic and simplistic. It gives you an overview of what your Azure Resource Manager template looks like and visualizes them in a comprehensible diagram.


ARM Template Visualizer with ARMVIZ


ARM Template Editor with ARMVIZ

Visualize your own ARM Templates

Since you can easily choose a file from disk or copy-paste code into the editor in order to visualize it, you could also go to your Azure Portal and download the Azure Resource Manager Template (ARM Template) and simply use that in the tool to visualize your own, currently existing templates in Azure. Simple as that.

You can export the json template in various ways. I've previously written a guide for how you can do this using the ARM REST API, available here.

Learn more...

Check out the GitHub repository: https://github.com/ytechie/AzureResourceVisualizer

Check out this YouTube screencast by the author of the tool (previous version, but the concepts remain):

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