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Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

It’s getting late over here, but I ought to inform those of you using the EBE Comments Manager that there’s a new version out as of right now. It’s still a work-in-progress as a little private pet project of mine, so any suggestions and feedback are appreciated :)


  • Colorscales

  • Green: Approved Comments

  • Red: Rejected Comments

  • Yellow: Pending Comments

  • App.config

  • Settings file to put your default values for:

  • Blog URL

  • Comments List name

  • Trackback/Linkback List name (Coming soon)

  • Comments Management

  • Select any comment(s) by clicking the checkbox next to it

  • Use the AutoSelect filtering to automatically select all comments with a specific string in the body or title (Thanks to Johan Ljunggren for the proposal to put it in)

  • Approval Status changer

  • Change Approval Status to:

  • Approved

  • Pending

  • Rejected

  • All the stuff it did before, of course…

Usage / Introduction

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab and set the correct values (or do it in the App.config once and for all)
  2. On the “Comments Manager” tag, click “Fetch Comments” and wait for’em to load up (a few secs probably)
  3. Manage your comments a bit more easy



Summary & Download

This app is a very simple app which helps you to administer the comments for your  EBE blog. With the addition of approval status, you can easily approve, reject and set comments to pending.

This will of course be even more useful when the Web Service-interface is integrated, enabling you to do it from your client(s) :-)


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