Episode 001 - Let's talk about Azure Key Vault

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
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Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine joins forces in this new podcast titled the Ctrl Alt Azure podcast, and in this episode they dive into the Azure Key Vault topic.

Tune in to learn more about things like managed identities, networking, why you should even use a vault, configuring diagnostics settings, connecting it to Azure DevOps pipelines and more.

Show notes

Welcome to the Ctrl Alt Azure podcast. This is the very first episode, where Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine dives into the realm of Azure Key Vault. 

Links from the recording:

  • Azure Key Vault Overview (Microsoft)
  • Who accessed my Azure Key Vault (Tobias Zimmergren)
  • Using Key Vault Secrets from your Azure DevOps pipelines (Tobias Zimmergren)
  • Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam (Microsoft)
  • Mastering Azure CLI (Jussi Roine)
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