Episode 009 - Thinking about remote access options for VMs

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
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In this episode we have our very first guest, Tiago Costa – an Azure MVP and MCT from Portugal. We think about remote access options for virtual machines in Azure. There are many options, and we chat through the newest ones such as Bastion Host and JIT VM which is part of Azure Security Center. We also reminisce a bit on the good old days, when you had to build jump servers/jump boxes from physical servers.

Show notes

Tag along for this episode where we're talking about remote access options for VMs, and the joys of traveling around the world to talk about Azure. Show notes:

  • Tiago Cost (Twitter, Linkedin)
  • Tiago's courses on Linkedin Learning: 
  • The Maersk article
  • Azure Bastion Host
  • Jussi's walkthrough of getting started with Azure Bastion Host
  • Just-In-Time VM access
  • Just-In-Time VM access pricing details
  • PowerShell DSC
  • Pets vs. Cattle analogy
  • Windows Admin Center
  • Run Azure Cloud Shell in Windows Admin Center (Thomas Maurer)
  • Azure Functions consumption plan
  • Azure Functions 3.0 availability
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