Episode 081 - Azure Updates

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

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  • Microsoft Azure Web PubSub service in public preview (Microsoft Azure)
  • Application Insights work item integration in Azure Monitor (Microsoft Docs) 
  • Stateful and 1-minute frequency log alerts in Azure Monitor (Azure Updates)
  • Azure Cache for Redis Event Grid overview (Microsoft Docs)
  • New Azure Policy built-in definitions for data encryption in Azure Monitor (Azure Updates)
  • Using Policy with Azure Site Recovery (Microsoft Docs)
  • Upgrade your infrastructure with the latest Dv5/Ev5 Azure VMs in preview (Microsoft Blog)
  • Enhancements to encryption using customer managed keys for Azure Backup (Microsoft Blog)
  • URL Rewrite for Azure Application Gateway (Microsoft Docs)
  • Open Source API Portal (GitHub repo)

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    Tobias Zimmergren

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