Episode 109 - Azure Policy as Code with Jesse Loudon

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

We talked about Azure Policy in one of the previous episodes (#25), and today we will talk about Azure Policy as Code. When and why should you use it, and what tools do you need to achieve this? We have Jesse Loudon (Azure MVP) as our expert guest to talk about this exciting topic! Also, Tobi asks Jesse an unexpected question.

Show notes

Guest: Jesse Loudon
Jesse Loudon (@coder_au) is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Principal Consultant at LAB3 in Sydney, Australia. Jesse's mission statement is to democratize Azure Policy as Code.  Over the past year Jesse has been actively advocating in the community across blogs posts, open-source GitHub repositories, and YouTube for greater Policy as Code adoption which drives repeatable, auditable, and scalable deployments for enterprises. 




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