Episode 164 - Get certified as a Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300)

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

We take a frequent look at Microsoft certification exams. This week, we focus on the SC-300 exam. It's an excellent exam with only one technology - Azure Active Directory. Why do the exam? Why not? What next? Also, Tobi asks Jussi an unexpected question. This episode sponsored by Sovelto.

Show notes

(00:00) - Intro and catching up.
(03:53) - Show content starts.

Show links
- The SC-300 exam (Microsoft Learn)
- Preparation videos (Microsoft Learn)
- Learning path (Microsoft Learn)
- Labs on GitHub (GitHub)
- Ctrl+Alt+Azure | 076 - So you want to become an Azure developer? Get the AZ-204!
- Ctrl+Alt+Azure | 087 - Get certified on Azure Security with AZ-500
- Ctrl+Alt+Azure | 098 - Get certified as a Security Operations Analyst
- Ctrl+Alt+Azure | 128 - Preparing for the new Cybersecurity Architect (SC-100) certification
- Exam Study Guide: SC-100 - Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert (Zimmergren)
- Passing AZ-500 - Study Guide and free resources to pass the exam (Zimmergren)

This episode is sponsored by Sovelto.
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