Episode 170 - Can we ignore certificates and PKI in cloud era? With Mika Seitsonen

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

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(00:00) - Intro and catching up.
(04:10) - Show content starts.

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- Certificate Revocation in Microsoft Edge – text/plain (textslashplain.com) 

 - err_connection_reset if asking client certificate with Windows Server 2022 - Microsoft Q&A 

 - Another free CA to use via ACME! (scotthelme.co.uk) 

 - Certified Pre-Owned. Active Directory Certificate Services… | by Will Schroeder | Posts By SpecterOps Team Members 

 - Certificates and Pwnage and Patches, Oh My! | by Will Schroeder | Posts By SpecterOps Team Members 

 - 34 PKI & ADCS Whitepapers You Must Read - PKI Extensions (sysadmins.lv) 

 - Learn about the types of certificate that are supported by Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn 

 - Overview of Azure AD certificate-based authentication - Azure Active Directory - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn 

 - Stealing and faking Azure AD device identities (aadinternals.com) 

 - Azure Code Signing, democratizing trust for developers and consumers - Microsoft Community Hub 

 - NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms | NIST 

 - Navigating the New OV Code Signing Requirements - YouTube 

 - Build With Matter | Smart Home Device Solution - CSA-IOT 

Other podcasts etc. 

- Root Causes Series | Sectigo® Official 

- Minding the Keystore - YouTube (esp. Microsoft PKI) 

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