Episode 207 - What is Microsoft Entra ID cross-tenant sync?

Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

Show notes

In this episode, we discuss Azure Active Directory - I mean Entra ID - cross-tenant synchronization capability. When do you need it, and what does it do? And why would you have more than one Entra ID tenant? Also, Jussi asks Tobi an unexpected question.

(00:00) - Intro and catching up.
(03:17) - Community highlights.
(04:24) - Show content starts.

Community Highlights
- Alan Kinane: Azure Backup in 2023: Features you should know about
- Zachary Cavanell: How Microsoft 365 Copilot can work with your external data

Show links
- Announcement for cross-tenant synchronization
- Billing model for external users

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