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People have been requesting a better discussion forum functionality than the one in SharePoint by default. I took that request and made it into a new personal project of mine.

Currently the forum looks like any forum you see on the web, but it’s using- and is based entirely on SharePoint and the SharePoint database (no need for additional SQL setups etc).

I can only give you a preview of how it looks so far, there’s still some issues to take care of before the first beta will be released for those interested in testing it out.

The Forum WebPart supports theming and therefore you can simply design your own theme, or use a built-in theme in order to modify the look and feel to adjust itself to your SharePoint site.

As seen with one theme

As seen with another theme

Feedback please

Some people have requested to be betatesters for this WebPart when it’s being published to beta.
If you’re interested in being a betatester, please leave me a comment and you’ll be one of the first to try it out.

If you’ve got some comments and/or suggestions in general for a Forum Webpart like this, please leave a comment.

Thanks for tuning in again, see you around!

0 Comments 15 April 2008
Tobias Zimmergren

Tobias Zimmergren

Hi, I'm Tobias Zimmergren. I am a Microsoft MVP for SharePoint and I use this site to share my thoughts on tech with you on topics like SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and general web development.

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