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Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren

As a follow-up to my previous blogpost: "Forum Web Part for SharePoint" I thought I’d let you know the status of my personal pet-project.

I’ve been getting alot of feedback regarding the Forum WebPart which is soon to enter it’s beta-testing stage. Thanks for the feedback in terms of the comments to my previous blogpost and all the emails I keep getting regarding the SharePoint Forum WebPart.


The status of this project is as follows:

I’m currently trying to get as much done on the SharePoint Forum WebPart as I possibly can on my (few) free hours right now. I’ve got tons to tend to before I go to Egypt in May (which by the way will be awesome).

I plan to release it for alpha-/betatesting before I go on vacation to Egypt though, and I’ve been getting some response as to whom might be interested in testing it.
Unfortunately not everyone left their email, which makes it hard for me to contact those individuals.

So if you’re not sure, or know that you didn’t send over your email but you want to try the WebPart out, add a comment here and include your email. ;)

This is what the SharePoint Forum WebPart currently looks like:

Basic overview of all availible forums


Basic overview of threads in a forum


Basic features:

  • Forum Management
  • Manage what forums exists (Using the default SharePoint interface)
  • Thread Management
  • Manage threads (Using the default SharePoint interface)
  • Create new threads (Using a custom interface) – ugly as hell
  • Post Management
  • Manage posts (Using the default SharePoint interface)
  • Create new posts (replies) – also ugly as hell :)
  • Breadcrumbs: [Home] > [Forum] > [Thread]

Forum Statistics:

  • Last post
  • Last poster
  • Total posts
  • Total threads
  • Total forums
  • Paging
  • Theming
  • Supports all built-in themes
  • Supports custom made themes
  • (All styles for the forum is using the built-in SharePoint CSS classes)

Feedback, suggestions, comments and all of that

This is still a work in progress, and I’d like for YOU to leave a comment with suggestions about functionality, accessibility, usability, usage, features etc.

Thanks for tuning in, see you around!


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