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During the last few years, we’ve been enabling our clients with enhanced discussion forum solutions for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 in their intranets, extranets and public facing web sites. Given the great success of the last few years implementations of discussion solutions with our clients, we have now dedicated an entirely new initiative to manage the discussion solution suite.

Head on over to to take a closer look!

We’re live!

We’ve successfully launched a new site called which will now host the content of our products and services related to our discussion forum solutions and software. All new features and updates to the solutions will be accessible from this location and any requests related to these products and solutions can be relayed to the support team at support {at}


Some of the things I’d love to highlight are:

– Competitive pricing!
    – We can offer a single server license for only $399 per server
    – You purchase it once, and then you’re done. No annual fees!
– Language support!
    – We support multiple languages, including these:
    – English – Swedish – Danish – German – Greek – Farsi – Norwegian – Dutch
    – If you need your language localized, get in touch
– Features
    – Mark posts as answers
    – Mark posts as helpful
    – Mark posts as abusive
    – Collect user statistics
    – Earn points for posts, helpful posts and answers
    – Categorize discussions in different forums
    – Multiple threads in each forum
    – Create posts and threads easily
    – Delete entire threads easily, or single posts
    – RSS: Subscribe to new threads in a forum
    – RSS: Subscribe to new posts in a thread
    – Additional free Web Part: Recent Posts
    – Additional free Web Part: Top Viewer
        – Display users with most total points
        – Display users with most total posts
        – Display users with most answered posts
        – Display users with most helpful posts
    – Additional free Web Part: Forum Search

… and much more.


It’s about time to continue writing on our SharePoint 2013 versions of our Apps, products and solutions – so with that, I thank you for your time to read this!



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